Self Realisation is available to all

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Self Realisation is available to all.

Granted, it might feel a distant prospect or even Self-evident depending upon where you are in the journey of life right now.

Yet it’s still true. There’s no need to believe anything I say about this.

Truth is an experience not a belief. As it’s deeply realised and anchored it’s unequivocal.

So, why is it still relatively unusual?

That comes down to a belief in, attachment to and identification with what I call ‘A case of mistaken identity:’ that all one is the body-mind experience.

Your body-mind is a beautiful gift. It is something that you have like you may have a car but it is not that which you truly are. You are, in truth, the power behind it.

This is referred to in many ways in Spirituality: Infinite Silence/Consciousness/Awareness and no-thing are some of the terms.

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So the ‘how-to’ question is key one people rightly ask. Fundamental to understand here is that that which everyone is ultimately seeking is that which they truly already are, always have been and always will be. Not the ‘car’ but the power behind it.

Peace is what is sought. Silence, actually, Infinite Silence is the answer.
Why silence? Consider this, it’s fundamental. Could you have sound without silence? No. Yet you can have silence without sound.

Since all phenomena are essentially different vibrations and all vibrations without further input must fade, they fade to silence.

Meditation is the bridge to Infinite Silence. Meditation is only truly inner-stood when the Self is Realised. Inside, this is already known and the essence of Meditation is: Awareness.

Since everyone is aware, everyone can Meditate. No exceptions. Indeed it is eventually seen you are the Living Meditation.

We’re not talking about personal awareness here. What is being pointed at is beyond that, it’s Infinite and non-personal and beyond physical conditions that anyone might be experiencing.

Consider an emotion. One moment it is not here, then a trigger arises and here it is full on and eventually it passes.

What was the witness to that whole process?

Was that affected by it in anyway?

Eventually you will see that is non-personal awareness (aka Infinite Silence or no-thing since it is beyond all phenomena).

Everyone has had this experience in some-way. The ‘mistake’ so to speak is to associate with the ’emotion’ (phenomena) rather than the Silent Witnessing Presence. That’s where the power is, that’s ‘where’ it’s realised.

Profoundly simple in the end, only the belief in the case of mistaken identity complicates it and blocks it.

Feel called to explore deeper?

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