Self Realisation is not about self-help

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Self Realisation is not about self-help.

Many years ago when I first read a self-help book it started me on the path of Meditation yet it contained many other features, exercises, strategies, things to include in your day. A question and an awareness arose straight away:

The question: How is one supposed to fit all this into one’s life?

The awareness: That there’s a golden thread here that draws all this together – it was just a case of recognising or realising it.

That question became more significant and the awareness deepened as I read a few more and particularly as various complementary therapies were learnt and shared. They were very helpful for me and for those I shared them with. Yet, the knowing was clear that there must be a golden thread amongst all the tools, techniques, tips, strategies. For it was obvious there was a mountain of self-help material ‘out-there’ and one could not possibly read it all, embrace it all, learn it all.

Meditation turned out to be the most important. Awareness rooted Meditation.

That was also the golden-thread: Awareness (aka Infinite Silence) – it emerged or unfolded in experiential stages until it was unequivocally clear. The clearest seeing one will ever have:

That one is that Infinite Awareness/Silence! The tools, techniques, tips, processes, strategies were not wrong they were simply stepping stones, fragments of a bigger picture.

An infinitely bigger one. It’s easy to get bogged down in a journey of thinking, believing there’s more tools to learn when, in truth, life is inviting you to realise you are life itself and it’s eternal.

The self-help material has a place yet its focus is broadly on ‘dreaming better’ for the identity self.

Self Realisation is stepping out of the dream and realising the truth within.

If it is peace that you seek and you do, Awareness/Silence is the answer.

Self Realisation is not about self-help Gateway Location

Self Realisation is not about self-help.

Infinite Silence Meditation (fully guided version) 14 mins

Self Realisation is not about self-help: Part 2

As the clarity described above was emerging many years ago a number of key insights and prompts emerged from within:

To drop all the tools, techniques and processes I had learnt and indeed had invested quite a lot of both time and money in.

To stop reading more material around both self-help and, surprisingly, Self Realisation.

When the first arose above, there was a knowing this was the highest course of action yet identity was rather concerned about it since it had been central to its idea of how life and a bit of income would come in as I’d already left my old world behind. It even involved telling a group they no longer had to pay for an event they’d already booked onto. It required deep trust as you might imagine!

With the reading the knowing was again clear and identity thought this was strange yet I also followed the call. I hadn’t and didn’t read a lot re Self Realisation yet what I had read I’d taken a great deal of care over. Not just glanced at it. I would read a few pages and be with it for a day or several days at time before more was read.

It turned out, Awareness/Silence was spot on. Of course it was, a short time after literally dropping the tools the first phase that became known as Spheres Of Light ‘came through’ experientially. It was life-transforming not just for me but for those who touched it.

There’s a video below with profound insight about what Meditation is and includes the pure original Spheres Meditation.

The dropping the reading was central to what was revealed to allow what the Silence entitled a ‘new way’ (not that anything is new about Self Realisation) emerging… that is the Realisation itSelf and how it was to be shared – and this is how all the material shared emerged.

It’s important to note here that everyone’s journey is different and it was made clear at the time, from within, and also with the benefit of looking back and reflecting that this was how it was meant to emerge in this form.

The key takeaway insight for anyone here even though it may be very different for you… is to be open to:

That which you are seeking is already within, your essence is it eternally and the journey is about getting out of your own way!

That which you do engage with Meditations, Insights, Live Streams, Retreats, Books be utterly discerning, the Silence will tell you if this material is for you. It will be a knowing, an inspiration, a calling, uplifting, expansive. Trust the inner knowing of the heart. The mind works on must, should, ought to, control and contraction.

Self Realisation is not about self-help.

If it is peace that you seek and you do, Awareness/Silence is the answer.

If you’d like to see the closed captions on the video above and they are not showing click on the keyboard type icon towards the bottom right of the video and they will appear.

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