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Self Realisation is Life’s Greatest Gift. That Realisation is profoundly simple yet it eludes so many.

The fundamental Realisation is that you/we are already that which we truly seek. The divine Self.

The fundamental block is the belief that we are NOT that.

Within this belief are a multitude of perceived blocks that individuals create which act as masks to the realisation.

Dispelling the belief is a simple matter!

Ultimate Truth IS here NOW in everyone. Accepting this creates a monumental challenge to the ego or identified self which are the same thing. The latter has to ‘die’ for the Self to be Realised.

To the true SELF this is a complete non-issue.

It is only the individuals conditioned fears that prevent them letting go and realising their ultimate truth. This is because their trust has been placed in fundamentally the wrong place. The egoic mind rather than the heart. When the heart is trusted totally and unequivocally the Realisation emerges.

It is this simple.

The experience of life in the body is an opportunity to accept a divine invitation for the realisation of its greater ‘purpose’. To bring about a fundamental shift in consciousness to the realisation of the SELF.

There is no greater purpose than this. Indeed, in truth, it is a purposeless purpose for we are already that which we seek!

Everyone is invited to this opportunity NOW.

There are no exceptions.

Just simply accepting or embracing unequivocally that YOU are this divine essence, the Realised Self Naturally NOW IS enough.

So, do you feel the call HOME?

There’s nothing you have to do. There’s nothing you can do.

It’s not a goal. It’s not a future event.

The purpose of all spiritual practice is so you don’t have to! Practice that is.

You cannot practice at being the SELF you are already it. YOU forgot.

It IS the natural essence of YOU, everyone and it is shared. Unity. Oneness. Isness.

It IS referred to on this site as Infinite Silence. IS for short. Also meaning ISness.

These words IT chose and ’emerged’ from IT. They carry the signature of it…

The words are not it even though they ‘carry’ its signature.

It simply IS.


YOU are that. This is not your body. Not beingness.

This IS before I AM.

Only this Infinite Silence IS the true SELF. YOU are that.

The rest is an illusion. You could see it as a gift from itSELF unto itSELF for itSELF. The experience of itSELF.

Thus the body is something that you have but not that which you are. It provides a vehicle for experience. A beautiful one at that.

What powers all this, the physical universe, your body… Infinite Silence and YOU are that.

Mind which is also an illusion wants to know how or what or when or why. None of this is relevant.

YOU are already there.

Only your beliefs and the attachment, identification in them creates the illusion that you are not.

Drop the beliefs!

A belief is a concept of something outside of you that you can believe in. There is nothing outside of YOU. The TRUE YOU.

So how can you believe? YOU can’t. You can have the illusion that you believe that is all.

So where do you have to go from here. Nowhere!

NOW here. YOU are.

Infinite Silence. YOU are that.

The remainder of the many resources on this site are all pointers to exactly that same essence.

You may feel like you are going on a journey but what you will realise is that you were and are already there.

NOW IS the time!

Sit in the Infinite Silence AS the Infinite Silence. You can watch the video above relating to TRUST and use the 30 minute Infinite Silence Experience video below. Also for a deep exploration of the nature of Self Realisation and experiences in the body watch the 2.25 hour video: “Beyond Phenomena: From Awakening Experiences to Absolute Self Realisation. There are also the insights: There’s no question and Spiritual Stepping Stones by clicking on the buttons provided.

This site is dedicated to YOUR truth.


We are ONE.

The body known as Philip

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