Self Realisation in honour of Jeanny RIP

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Self Realisation in honour of Jeanny RIP

In early December 2018 I was asked if I would be willing to help Jeanny.

Jeanny, living in Norway, had first been diagnosed with blood cancer (leukaemia) in 2008 and was treated with Chemotherapy, Radiation and Stem Cell transplantation on a number of occasions. These proved effective for a period but relapses occurred and the aggressive cancer came back in 2018. It was confirmed by her doctors that the cancer had reached critical levels and that she would not have long to live.

Jeanny had been benefitting from a considerable input from various complementary sources in addition to the medical treatments and was part of a support group.

Jeanny contacted me shortly after the initial request asking for help and, in essence, sharing that she wanted love, peace, surrender, kindness especially for her husband and kids.

Since the focus of my work is Self Realisation my response was that it would beautiful if it was possible to help her and the key for her was to be totally open to what was in her highest and greatest good and that we would approach the support without expectations. This she fully accepted.

The health situation was very critical for Jeanny so we commenced the very next day. In advance, she shared some that there had for her been ongoing trauma in her life since early childhood also adding that she had learned a little about meditation, but never did it regularly and had no special spiritual practice. Also confirming a strong feeling of hatred she could feel inside her.

In all, I had 8 beautiful sessions via Skype with Jeanny and exchanged a number of emails providing her additional resources to use between sessions. Others were also supporting her during this time.

The sessions spanned from answering her questions about life offering profound and in-depth insight into the nature of the highest truth: Infinite Silence, witnessed meditations, experiences of transmuting fear into love, clarifying her understanding, how emotions and energies such as hatred emerge and how they can be released ultimately leading to the clarity that one is already that which is being sought: Infinite Silence, the source of peace.

During this time due to the very aggressive stage the cancer had reached, naturally Jeanny’s body was failing fast. Yet despite the pain and emotional trauma she continued.

There were a number of particularly beautiful moments to share with you. In offering deep insight into the nature of ultimate spiritual truth ‘I’ offered to her that it was nothing to do with believing what was said but about being open to her highest truth. At this point Jeanny quite spontaneously closed her eyes and went within. Very quickly the most beautiful awareness emerged within her. It was beautiful to witness, there was a relaxation in her body and a huge and deep smile that came across her face. It could be seen that she had ‘felt’ the truth of what had been shared.

At other points, during various meditations she shared quite spontaneously from the meditation space eyes still closed and with a deep awareness in her body “I love the Silence” and on another occasion “I want to go home.” It was like a calling home this latter one. No words.

During one meditation whilst deeply immersed in the Silence an image of the innocence of her younger self emerged. The beauty of the scene as she shared this is beyond description. The session continued with her embracing this from within, merging, accepting and loving this as a representation of her truth.

The depth of insight she reached was remarkable in its speed. She asked about the nature of death, what happens in various scenarios. The Infinite Silence is eternal and it is that which we truly are. The physical body may pass but consciousness does not die. Nor is it born. It just is. All of the energetic imprints of the expressions of the Silence in us are all present. The one who has not realised continues in a cycle until that realisation emerges in one body or another. Synchronistically, the same insight popped up in a short specific video on my YouTube feed at about the same time based on the work of Parahmahansa Yogananda. I forwarded it to her as reinforcement of the message.

Notwithstanding the obvious physical pain and emotional suffering, Jeanny continued to ask if we could work on a regular basis. We did so throughout December and her hospitalisation. It became clear that ultimately, it was time for her body to pass. Following her questions, insight was offered as to the nature of the Holy Inquiry or Divine Inquiry. This is the choice of the Silence to embody or not. To know when the life in one form has come to a close and either to move into another or to remain as the Silence.

This is a ‘choice’ that continues until the Realisation is complete. The union with the Silence is total when one has fully Realised, it is anchored and the message of one’s life in the body is accomplished.

Quite to my surprise, on Christmas Day I was contacted to be advised that Jeanny’s condition was now truly critical and that she had made a bequest that she asked if I could to honour.

The bequest was to fund 10 one to one sessions with me for people whom I felt would particularly benefit from them.

It was added that she was in a much better place and was in deep gratitude for the support. She had received more help bringing her into the light and had a vision of the garden of eden and another with her deceased child and was ready to pass.

Confirming that it would be an honour and blessing to honour her request Jeanny’s final words to me were of deep gratitude for all the wonderful support.

Jeanny passed peacefully into spirit on 28 December 2018.

Undoubtedly this was a sad day for those family and friends close to her and my condolences and blessings are with them.

Jeanny’s message:

If ‘I’ was to summarise the essence of this brief journey with Jeanny and why she made the bequest in my own insight from the brief but powerful and beautiful time we spent together it would be this.

Use this life NOW to Realise the nature of the Self. Your highest truth. Do not hang on to regrets, hatred, lack of trust, suffering. Instead be open to your highest truth that awaits you here and NOW. The highest truth that you already are. The one that is untouched, unmoved, unharmed perfect and complete. The highest truth. Infinite Silence.

So it is with this in ‘my’ awareness to honour Jeanny’s bequest in a most powerful way it has emerged to offer the following:

A deep commitment to your highest TRUTH. The invitation to SELF Realisation

  • The One to One’s* with me plus an invitation to:
  • A 3 month commitment to 30 minutes of Infinite Silence Meditation each day using one of the specified meditations each day. Note it is key element of the programme to use these for you, for Jeanny for truth.**
  • Approximately fortnightly Live Streams or on catch-up. These Live Streams are publicly available.
  • Participation in the Community Forum on my website where you can post your spiritual inquiry questions to which I will respond.

One to Ones, Meditations and general resources you are invited to use:~

*The commitment to the Programme is central to the free One to One’s and where appropriate this will be for people with low or no income who might not otherwise be able benefit from this legacy.

**You will gain the most benefit by using these specific meditations and resources rather than potentially distracting yourself from a deep dive into Silence with other tools. I also feel it will honour Jeanny this way too for the request came from her based on her experience of the Silence with me.

The reason for this is that the Infinite Silence Meditation emerged directly from the Silence itSELF as part of the Realisation. It IS a direct connection to your highest truth. It specifically does not engage phenomena, activity or mind in any way.

The Infinite Silence Meditation 30 minutes
The International Peace Day Meditation about 30 minutes
Live Stream 21: The Solstice Meditation (Live Stream)

Other resources that could also be used and equally classed as meditations:

Live Stream 6: A letter from God
Live Stream 11: Transmuting Fear into Love
Live Stream 17: The Open Gaze Experience
Live Stream 18: The Infinite Silence Meditation Explored and Experienced
Live Stream 19: Beyond Phenomena from Awakening Experiences to Absolute Self Realisation
Live Stream 20: Being a Mirror to Truth

Listening to any other Live Stream or video also is a Meditation

Other shorter meditations may be issued during the programme for your use

Participation in the Programme

This is an Open Source Programme for those feeling called to their highest truth. It is a commitment to your truth from within.

The majority of my time in supporting this will come free also, this will included not only live streams for the Programme but responding to questions on the forum.

If you are not in the 10 for whom the legacy applies, a donation would be welcome if you wish to have a One to One to help continue to spread the message around the Globe. No one will be turned away on financial grounds.

Below for convenience are the Resources for the Programme. They can also be found on my YouTube Channel and many on the Live Streams Page or other pages of this website.

If you feel the call to truth contact me via the Contact Page of the website.

Blessings in Infinite Silence, Philip

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  • Wendy Wormleighton

    Hi Philip, in Jeannys honor, is one of the most beautiful, tender story’s I have come across. In your telling of her story, you have captured the very essence of self realisation. Words are not enough here, Jeanny you are awsome, my heart is open to your soul, you beautiful being of energy and light. My heart is full of love and hope for your children and family’s future’s

    • Philip Wade

      I am delighted to hear it touched you so much Wendy! Namaste.

  • Priceless Princess

    This program and her legacy has sparked light and we are fortunate-anyone wanting to experience true peace should access these resources and if you can continue to donate please do as other souls may know the sweetest pleasure of the Silence.

    Oh how the program has indeed blessed us as another stepping stone of illusion has crossed my path – Philip’s dedication to the members is astounding and for me way in the Caribbean is a godsend – when I seem to be losing reality he’s there with ever encouraging words and help as I battle my physical body illness -in the key to keep calm through it all. It has reached to only the Infinite Silence and Philip can calm the physical reality as I battle through and for this I am utterly blessed-Namaste and thank you Philip

  • Priceless Princess

    Her story has hit home for me. I lost my dad to Cancer and was sole caregiver to him. It lasted 6 months as I watched and nursed him while seeing all that his physical body could not control. Thankfully in mourning him, as a Yogi he dedicated himself in a similar way to enlightenment of all beings and I, in turn, hope to honour this calling and legacy he left behind.

    I made that promise and I have been taking the necessary steps to ensure his work and all I was taught will continue. As you know, I am fully committed and this is indeed a life changing experience. I continue to do the meditation and have given feedback .

    Looking forward to this programme and blessings to all. So far it has helped me tremendously and easily integrate back into that sphere of that which is known as Silence .

    Blessings and looking forward to this amazing opportunity.

    • Philip Wade

      Bless you and beautiful to hear this story and I know you are really committed to this programme in honour of Jeanny and your Dad. Blessings

  • Nicola Hanmer

    Hello Philip, I think jeaney story was wonderful to read. I am very interested in a 1.1 and would gladly pay a donation. I’m currently off work awaiting a new knee but I am recieving sick pay. I am going to try and come to the monastery next Sunday 10.2 as I think this would be an ideal opportunity to meet you in person. I have joined the live stream several times and taken part in meditations. I want to learn more.
    Kind regards Nicola Hanmer.

    • Philip Wade

      Bless you Nicola. I am glad to hear that from you and thank you for joining the stream last night. It would be great to meet you at The Monastery on Sunday and we can talk there. Were you also interested in joining the Programme in honour of Jeanny. Blessings in Infinite Silence, Philip

      • Nicola

        Brilliant, yes I am interested in jeaneys honour, although I would like you meet and chat to you first. Thank you. See you next week . Kind regards Nicola

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