Self Realisation Retreat 2023

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Retreat: rescheduled to Jan 2024!

Saturday & Sunday 13/14 January 2024 (due to the passing of Philip’s mother)


In person or online retreat at the Universal Studio

Saturday: 11:00 – 17:00 UK Time
Sunday: 11:00 – 17:00 UK Time

For your local times please visit:

There will be three 1.5 hour sessions per day and 1 hour for lunch with brief in session breaks if needed. Please allow up to 30 minutes post closing time if needed.

£200 in person or £80 Online total for the two days. Scholarship Places available see Scholarship and Budget Participation below: Includes attendance, and vegetarian lunches (in person only). Stage payments paid in full before the retreat are possible: use the Pay by Bank Transfer option to initiate this, make an initial deposit of minimum £40, leave a note in your booking on the booking form and we will contact you to agree a payment plan.

Cost of Living Note

These contribution levels, as has been the case for years, are deliberately set considerably lower than you will find elsewhere to help maximise reach, accessibility. Some Scholarship (significantly reduced or even free) places available depending on booking levels and if any others wish to help by making higher contributions.

Note: Any special dietary requirements you will need to cater for yourself.

No partial attendance options are available.

No accommodation options are available for this retreat.  There’s local B&B’s and Hotels nearby.

Important note: All events are recorded on video and photographed and maybe live-streamed by participating you are agreeing to this and the results will be used in videos on the website, YouTube and other outlets to help spread and inspire people to the gift of Self Realisation.


This will be deep dive into Self Realisation allowing considerable time for your Inquiry Questions and process. Broad themes will include those listed below however your willingness and open-ness engage and to dive deep is key.

  • Recognising Awareness
  • Deepening Awareness
  • True Meditation
  • Beyond Belief
  • Infinite Silence
  • Transmuting Fear into Love
  • Emotions & Blocks
  • Effortless Grace


There’s options to join as a full participant in the following ways:

  • Scholarship: a limited number of free or varying discount places for both in person or online available to those who otherwise would not be able to attend (e.g. < £14,000 annual income) and are demonstrably committed to Self Realisation. Apply directly to Philip via the site Contact Page or respond to the email you received with a Paragraph sharing your calling and commitment. Philip’s decision on these is final and is not for debate or appeal.
  • Online via Zoom at a much reduced rate of £80. Having trialled this successfully in 2022 we know it works both those online and here in person felt very much as part of one unified group.
  • For both in person and online bookings staged payments are possible. Note you will be committed to attending the whole retreat. No partial attendance options are available.
  • A final option is to benefit from a Pre-Recorded Online Retreat in your own time see the second button below.
Self Realisation Retreat 2023 Gateway Location
Self Realisation Retreat 2023 Gateway Location
Self Realisation Retreat 2023 Gateway Location

Simple Vegetarian Lunches: Are provided soup and bread possibly some cake! Any special needs will need to be catered for by you.

Note: No alcohol to be consumed at any time during the retreat, no take-aways, smoking or food in Meditation Room.

Local B&B’s and Hotel’s are available in Boroughbridge, Ripon and surrounding area. We don’t have any specific arrangements or deals.

Retreat Address: Oak Tree House, Skelton On Ure, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 5AG. See the Google Map below.

Note: The Post Code is only accurate for the centre of the village. At the top of the Red Balloon Pin Marker on the scale below is the private driveway also denoted by the Bus Stop at Skelton Grange at larger scale!

Public Transport: The options are very limited in our small North Yorkshire Village. Nearest Train Station is Harrogate (about 35 mins drive) and there’s local Bus Station at Ripon (5- 10 mins drive). Whilst there is a bus that comes through the village they are few and far between so it’s not a practical option. Taxi from the aforementioned locations is possible and there is a regular bus Harrogate to Ripon. So you’d need to research this further yourself.

Self Realisation Retreat 2023 Gateway Location

5 minutes: In their own words

Self Realisation Retreat 2023 Gateway Location

The Essence of Meditation & The Spheres Meditation 23 Mins

Self Realisation Retreat 2023 Gateway Location

Are you looking for a Gathering in Grace near you? Then you can consider hosting an event. If you can provide: a suitable venue (cost met by your group) – ideally light/spacious, enough attendees and donations sufficient to cover my costs to you then I will consider that option.

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