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The highest form of Sexual Communion is also Self Realisation.

To clarify, this is not just the human act of sex being spoken of but the Communion of the Yin and the Yang, so that the apparent poles collapse or annihilate and nothing is left but the absolute. Self Realisation. See also the insight: Word was Sex.

If we look at human sex from the space of ego mind, we find that it is filled with attachments, desires, limitations and beliefs. Notwithstanding this, it can still bring about powerful experiences but it is also well known that from this place it is the subject of much abuse.

Communion in sex is from the heart space. It is an invitation to the divine union, Unity Consciousness, which is beyond the form of female and male or Yin and Yang and the marrying of these energies is an opening to Self Realisation.

Embracing meditation, becoming the meditation will enhance the human sexual experience. It has the gift of raising the energetic levels off the scale not only for a beautiful physical experience but an opportunity for something beyond that: total sexual communion. Communion with the Infinite.

All sensations and all phenomena are witnessed, seen or observed. That’s why we can report them. (See from Sensation to Insation).

Approaching human sex with awareness centred in Silence from the heart based meditative space will bring a whole new dimension to the experience.

There aren’t any should or should nots in this space for there will be a divine flow of resonant energies that are witnessed from the space of Silence. This steps beyond simply focussing on sensation. The sensations will still be embraced and felt fully whilst not becoming them.  By resting one’s attention as a silent witness to all that is being expressed whilst simultaneously deeply trusting, a synchronistic flow of energy will emerge.

What lovers are truly seeking to experience is genuine intimacy (see the post Intimacy) meaning “in to me see.” This is where trust is important for, at first, such a deep encounter may feel scary. With mutual trust in each other and the power of awareness a divine marriage of their shared energies, both the Yin and the Yang, a Synergistic Energy eXchange emerges. Pure SEX.

Both are complete already. Both are born and borne of the absolute. Thus the human sexual marriage is a divine one. There will be in its highest expression no female or male just oneness.

This isn’t something to be forced or efforted towards, rather it is an opening. All the beauty of profound sensational energies can be embraced on the way without them being the goal or the focus but simply witnessed.

This takes nothing from the physical experience as mind might like to have it. Actually, it will transcend it and become mind blowing. This is the space. The divine space.

Deep trust between both partners is fundamental.

A trust in themselves, their true selves which will consequentially and naturally allow a trust in what may appear to be a physical other. There is no other.

It’s an apparent journey partners can take together with no goal to achieve. A voyage of apparent discovery.

The receptive nurturing energy most prevalent in the female is to be balanced with her own giving protective energy. She has both.

The giving protective energy of the male is to be balanced with his own receptive nurturing energy. He has both.

There is no ‘the man should do this’ and ‘the woman should be that’ or vice – versa. There is mutual equality. Yet practically there is acceptance that one has the female form and the other the male, accepting the natural physical differences that come with that. Subtlety and strength balanced with strength and subtlety.

In this way the physical experiences of both will be self-evident to both. Both can tune into to the frequency of the other, both will know their own and the frequencies will harmonise. They will become resonant.

The physical communion isn’t just of the Yoni and Lingam but of the total energy system radiant from the body. For ease, let’s express this as the flow from the 7 major chakras which in turn are flowing from the Silence the Absolute itself.

The Yoni akin to a “Dark Temple” and the Lingam “The Wand of Light”. Not dark as in any negative sense but in the sense of the Temple of the Absolute. Together they are a divine circle. They are one. The balanced connection of these energies can be explosive.

The mind will be blown in the highest possible way. True ecstasy! That is, being taking beyond your small self. A portal to the annihilation of identification.

Realisation. Not to be strived for but simply open to.

Sexual Communion.

Blessings in Infinite Silence,


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