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On 14 March 2021, Philip was a guest of the Scientific & Medical Network’s weekly Meditation hosted by Dr Peter Fenwick.

The Scientific & Medical Network is: A leading international forum for people engaged in creating a new worldview for the 21st century their website is here:

They hold regular events spanning science and spirituality presenting a more holistic view of the world.

The edited recording of the event is opposite and, as  part of the evening, Philip shared a reading from his Reflections on Realisation Series:


Since you were born you have constantly been taught, cajoled, pressured into achievement to, results, to be a success. The sources of this may have been many.

Yet, what if there was there was nothing you HAD to do to Realise your true nature: The True Non-Personal Self, Pure Awareness, Infinite Silence?

Nothing at all?

Nothing to learn?

Even, nothing you could do?

Where would that leave you?

With nowhere to go! Simply NOW HERE.

Did you know that the purpose of ALL Spiritual Practice is so you don’t have to! Practice at being who YOU really are!

Intrinsically worthy beyond even the idea of worthy.

This Awareness already!

Could it be this simple?

See what the Silence of the Heart has to say about this.


All these ideas, concepts, beliefs, conditioning, experiences, suffering and so on and none of them are yours or, more accurately, original to YOU.

That which YOU already are.

Untouched, unmoved, perfect and complete.

For sure many of these experiences come with great pain and suffering.

This calls for compassion not some test to be passed.

It calls for LOVE.

That which is without condition, time or space.

YOU are LOVED for YOU are LOVE, it’s source and it’s experience all wrapped into ONE.

Could this be true? A pointing to TRUTH?

Can you accept this? Totally?

Let all that you believed to be so about you dissolve?

Would it be worth it?

YOU know the answer. The Silence of the Heart never lies!

So here YOU are: That which you are seeking is that which YOU already are and have been for eternity!

Pure non-personal Awareness: Infinite Silence.

The Buddha, Maestro, Sage, Universal Wisdom, Intelligence and all its expressions at once.

Only ego mind complicates it.

It’s so simple.

Host Dr Peter Fenwick
Guest: Philip Wade

00:00​ Harp Track Opening (Tara Annette Cook)
00:01:45​ Introduction  & questions about Meditation/Self Realisation
00:12:47​ Peter hands over to Philip
00:13:18​ Awareness exercise
00:15:45​ Who am I exercise
00:18:12​ Infinite Silence meditation
00:40:27​ Philip reads Reflections on Realisation; Part 5: It’s so simple
00:47:25​ An experience from the meditation
00:50:43​ Question about grounding
00:53:56​ Question about connection to Infinite Silence
00:55:50​ Question about talking distracting from meditation
00:58:03​ Question: Is the observer not only observing but also doing?
01:05:20​ Peter concludes

Scientific & Medical Network: Infinite Silence Meditation Gateway Location

It’s so simple!

Gratitude for the original image source unknown. Words overlaid are Phillip’s added via a friend.

Phillip will also be a guest of the Scientific & Medical Network on: 6th October 2021. Details will be available in due course.

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