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What is Spheres Of Light?

Spheres Of Light is a profoundly simple, yet powerful, spiritual gift that we all have. It is the ‘first born’ of Infinite Silence.

Spheres Of Light is pure consciousness and is the same as what is often referred to as the I AM Presence. The pure unassociated beingness. It is accessed by you heart-based intention alone. This intention acts as an energetic bridge to that which is both within us and around us rather like the fabric of the Universe!

Infinite Silence, Spheres Of Light and your body for the divine trinity. So by accessing Infinite Silence you are already in touch with Spheres Of Light!

This gift is your spiritual home. It is that simple. Infinitely Powerful.

Since it is your innate essence this gift is FREELY available to all and can be accessed NOW. The ‘Experience the Gift’ section below explains ‘How’ and there is a guided engagement video below. The video to the left and two more videos as well as interview with me below provide deeper insight into what is unfolding as you embrace Spheres Of Light into your life.

As Easy as ABC

Spheres Of Light is accessed by heart-based intention alone. It’s that simple! It’s as easy as ABC

By giving yourself permission to engage with Spheres Of Light you set in place a powerful chain of events that aligns your energy field with innate essence and purpose.

Spheres Of Light can be experienced anytime, anyplace, anywhere. So you grow in your experience simply by becoming aware of your connection to Spheres Of Light.

Try the guided experience with me in the Video below. It’s a very good idea to make sure you have time to relax properly.

Experience the Gift

It is helpful to find somewhere to relax, sitting or lying down where you will not be disturbed.
Then, closing your eyes, simply intend to experience Spheres Of Light.

Spheres Of Light will do the rest. There’s no effort involved. Just let go and trust any insights you receive.

You are connected whether you notice anything or not – the video Spheres Of Light – see the change below explains why.

Please share your experiences to help inspire others.

Like Some Help?

Try the guided experience video with me below first.

For more information on Spheres Of Light, Intention and how it all works in your life you can watch the videos and listen to the interview with me below:

“All I was aware of was PEACEFULNESS. By the end of the weekend I felt like I was a twenty year old again.Nigel Cousins, Thornton Le Dale, England

I, like a lot of people, have done many workshops, invoked this, that and the other; used symbols, clapped, “jumped through hoops” and afterwards thought this isn’t really me. All I have really wanted is something simple and pure – no ego.

I connected with the Spheres of Light on your website and the workshop was the “icing on the cake” for me.

Jackie Blain, Greater Manchester


Spheres Of Light interview with Bart Schroeven from The Cocoon of Light.

Bart has also kindly provided a shortened version in text form on his site here.

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