Solstice Meditation 21 December 2021

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Live on Zoom: At 21:00 to 22:30 on 21 December 2021, The Solstice, Philip will lead a Meditation for Life using the Infinite Silence Meditation that emerged as part of Self Realisation.

This opportunity at one of the Still Point’s of the Year is an invitation to immerse oneself deeply into Silence with Philip’s profound guidance, Universal Wisdom and Truth.

After the meditation he will respond to questions and set out more details of an Inspiring Self Realisation Programme for the remainder of 2021 and 2022.

Please Note: All calls are recorded and the recordings may be used at Philip’s discretion to support the sharing globally. By booking you have agreed to this.

Solstice Meditation 21 December 2021 Gateway Location

Philip Wade: Western Mystic, Universal Studio

Timestamps: 0:00:00
Inspired by Life 0:05:02
An Invitation 0:05:08
0:05:55 Offerings from Philip

Solstice Meditation 21 December 2021 Gateway Location

It’s so simple!

Gratitude for the original image source unknown. Words overlaid are Phillip’s added via a friend.

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