Sphere of Influence, How it Works

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ell, I’m sure we’ve all heard the term Sphere Of Influence.

Did you ever stop to reflect on what that means from a spiritual standpoint? Also have you considered it in the context of Spheres Of Light?

Why do we say Sphere? Think about it. If you take a point and radiate out from that point an equal distance in an infinite number of directions you create a Sphere.

No matter how small the Sphere it takes an infinite number of radii to create it. That means the infinite is contained within the finite. Amazing.

Now stay with this for this is more than exploration of sacred geometry, mathematics and the properties of a Sphere. This is about you, you as a Sphere Of Light.

You\’ve probably heard spiritual teachers over the ages talking about you as a limitless or infinite being but had nothing to get a hold of. Now you have, right in your midst, the image of a Sphere. A lightsphere and that Sphere of Light is you.

Rumi used another metaphor of a sphere:

“You are not a drop in the ocean… you are the entire ocean in a drop.”

Our blog Turning Point‘ looked at this using the metaphor of fibre optic lamp. It pointed out literally and metaphorically that we are all from the same source. The ulitmate Sphere Of Light and, as such, we contain all the innate wisdom and truth in that. It’s just that we’ve forgotten most of it.

So when you engage with Spheres Of Light what is happening?

Many things, but in essence, you/we are remembering that innate connection, the truth of who you/we are. When you do that, because you are intrinsically connected to all that is your level of consciousness and vibration shifts and you automatically affect everything else in creation.

Now that is incredible. You have, no doubt, heard the saying about the butterfly flapping its wings and the world/universe changes. This is what it is referring to.

No matter how subtle or small. A change is created. A positive one. The more you engage with this energy the more you remember, the more you shift your consciousness, the more you, by a process akin to a positive chain reaction or osmosis*, influence everyone and everything else.

Try thinking about it in this way. You\’ve almost certainly had the experience of walking into a room and feeling you could \’cut the atmosphere with a knife\’ or the opposite experience of walking into to a quiet place and feeling a sense of peace.

These are all aspects of the same phenomenon. Everything is energy, everything vibrates and thus everything affects everything else.

Kirsty from Newcastle said: “

I absolutely agree about the osmosis effect. The initiation of my own deep healing has “coincided” with family and others reaching critical points where they too have faced a fundamental question, whether to heal or to continue an unhealed life. As a result development has been taking place in a supportive way, and somehow it has emerged from darkness to be shared and so provide people who previously felt entirely isolated struggling with painful issues with a sense of connection. This is the opportunity for several generations to be healed, and avoid passing on their dramas again to be lived over and over.”

Spheres Of Light helps you connect with you innate power. It will benefit you and everyone else.

How is that for Spheres of Influence!


*Osmosis in the dictionary in this context is: The process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge etc. The etc in this case is higher vibrations or consciousness.

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