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Now when I use the words ‘STILL Life’ it may conjure up images of paintings or other artwork depicting motionless objects such as fruit or flowers. Perhaps one of the most famous of these images would be Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers which were auctioned for a huge sum of money. Vastly more than he ever attained in his lifetime!

But what if I said YOU in your absolute truth are STILL LIFE!

You are, in truth, LIFE itself. The source, YOU, is so profoundly STILL, Infinite, and Timeless that YOU are beyond words.

The experience of this will inevitably unfold whether in this body you have now or another. It’s an absolute given. Truth.

For you cannot be anything other than that which you truly are.

This STILLness is a word we can use to point to its truth. It’s not truth in itself but a signpost to it. Your very essence is unblemished, pure and ultimate truth.

From this place all is born and to it all things return.

Because of YOU the Universe is complete. You are that completeness!

Yet from this place of stillness you are also the prime mover, creator.

How can this be?

One useful metaphor to look at this is when you look at an object say a fan that is spinning so fast you can’t see the individual blades and if its fast enough it can actually look like it’s not moving at all. Take that up to Infinite speed and you get a pointer at what the Universal Self is like.

STILL yet an infinitely fast dynamic that is all things and no-thing at once.

The Ultimate STILL LIFE.

It cannot be drawn, painted or seen in the traditional sense. But awareness of it is entirely possible.

Indeed it is the central reason why you gave yourself the gift of this body so that you could come to that REALisation whilst having this body. The body is something that you have but not that which you are.

YOU are the very source.

This is not something to be believed in. Only experienced. That will take you beyond doubt into the absolute TRUTH of YOU.

Centring your attention in that quiet STILLness, the very core of YOU will allow that realisation to emerge.

It IS profoundly simple. For you are already it.

Your heart right now is resonating with this that you are reading. It knows this already. If you look closely the Infinite Silence the STILL Life that you are will bypass the objections of mind.

Pay no attention to mind. It will deceive you.

Listen instead to the heart. It never lies.

Even when this body you have dies. You are:

STILL Life. The Source of Peace.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,



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