An inspiring array of open source resources are provided on this site:

  • Many ‘How to’ and in-depth Videos, Interviews, Livestreams blogs and more…
  • Live Events both in person and online;
  • Private sessions and;
  • Retreats.

Gathering in Grace day event or 2 *1.5 hours

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Inspiration, Inquiry and Insight is the aim of all the events offered.

They may be in person typically a day event or online typically 2*1.5 hours.

This will help you move along your path at the pace and in the way that is perfect for you.

The insight is profound, simple and is targeted at unfolding YOUR own truth.

As I say elsewhere on the site: “Truth is an realisation not a belief.”

GiGGLE Retreats 2 days or more

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Gathering in Grace Gratitude Laughter and Enlightenment. Inspiring weekend retreats are offered exploring SOL as gift for transcendence and opening into Self Realisation.

This retreat is for those truly inspired to live joyfully via deep transformation and transcendence into a new experience of life.

It is important to have attended at least one online or in person event to get the maximum benefit from the retreat.

Facebook Live Streams typically 1-2 hours

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Topic related insights and responses to peoples questions.

These streams have been a regular feature and always include an Infinite Silence Meditation. Many can be found on Philip’s Facebook Page and often Watch Parties are set up to many Facebook Groups at once.

Philip’s Facebook Page here.

Private Sessions up to 1.5 hours

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Spiritual growth is a profoundly personal journey into one’s own truth.

In these private ‘open-form’ a gateway is opened to accessing your own innate wisdom and joy.

Enabling you to access your own wisdom is a principal aim of these sessions.

The people that benefit the most from these sessions are those already committed to spiritual growth.