Terms and Conditions

The aim is to make the opportunity of Self Realisation more accessible and under stable to all. The focus is on using Infinite Silence Meditation, Spiritual Inquiry, Profound Spiritual Insight and Infinite Touch (a blessing from the Silence if chosen by those at an event, one to one or other means) and a host of supporting resources and media to reach as wide an audience as possible worldwide.

The guidance and spiritual insight provided is all aimed at you empowering yourself in your own process of Self-Realisation.

The vast majority of the resources on this website are free and Open Source. The Workshops and events are generally run on a suggested donation basis. To date, these donations for UK events have covered the cost of the events, travel, website costs and a few other peripheral expenses for holding the events. Significant contributions have been made to certain venues from the proceeds: Gorton Monastery and The Harmony Hub Chorley to name two of them.

In an ideal world I would have no terms and conditions, however, it is necessary to clarify the following issues for the greater benefit of all concerned:

The information shared on this website, at any events or in any products is not an alternative to medical or psychiatric advice. Medical matters should always be referred to your doctor or other healthcare professional. Such medical or psychiatric advice or treatment should not be disregarded or discontinued because of information on this site, at events or other purchases. I shall not be liable for any adverse physical or psychological matters emerging from the use of the material.

It is your responsibility to advise me of any pre-existing medical, physical or psychological conditions before attending a retreat, workshop or other event or one to one session with me. 

I reserve the right to refuse a place or purchase in any circumstances. I also reserve the right to cancel a session part way through.

All purchases are paid for in advance.

Refunds are not available once a booking or purchase is made or service provided.

It may be possible at my sole discretion to transfer a booking to another date in case severe illness or family bereavement.

If I cannot meet the planned dates of an appointment, retreat or other event or provide a specific product, alternative dates or products will be offered or a refund will be made.

Your Personal Data: Only the minimum amount of data is collected: Email and phone or mobile numbers: So that I can contact you about events and any changes. The phone numbers only being used for clarification purposes or any late changes that may arise. Address is only for the billing purposes. As a result of purchasing an event, one to one or other service from the site you will receive updates about future events, new insights and videos unless you have opted out of this. You can unsubscribe at any time from the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Your details will never be shared or sold to other parties nor used for profiling or other secondary activities. You can request for your data to be deleted at any time via email (note there are certain legal requirements to maintain data relating to invoices/payments).

A full site Privacy Site Privacy Policy can be found on this link here.

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Date: 7 August 2016, Full,  Privacy Policy Added May 2018, Terms further updated July 2017