Texts from Infinite Silence

 In Texts from Silence
In Infinite Silence rests YOUR truth. Listen...

The most powerful question you can ask yourself:
Who AM I?
YOU in YOUR highest TRUTH are its answer!
Let the experience of it unfold…

The Universe IS
Infinite Silence IS
Life IS
Truth IS
God IS
Notice any similarity?
REALise thIS eternal essence IS YOUR SELF. True SELF.

Living from the heart is living in the mystery.

Everything fails. You can’t control it.

Don't believe a word I say for TRUTH is an experience not a belief.
You are life.

Truth is unbelievable.

In Infinite Silence you can TRUST. It is YOU.

Because of you the Universe is complete.

Spheres Of Light is a Genisis meditation. It will lead you home to Infinite Silence.

Heaven is where you are.
You are already that which you seek.

Spheres Of Light – Infinite Silence is your innate essence and you connect by simply opening your heart to this experience. It’s that simple.

Resetting to your Factory settings.
That is the greatest opportunity that awaits
In TRUTH you are already there.
You simply haven’t realised this!

I have nothing to think about.

You must be out of your brilliant mind.

It's ONE O'Clock. Always. Oneness O'Clock.
Thought cannot ease your pain, presence WILL transform it!

There’s no joy in thinking.

You are:
Conscious colour. Living light.

Life is Death!

You are beyond belief.

Time: Throw away that weapon.
We are children of the ocean.

All in ONE peace.

Joy is the fragrance of your essence. That essence is Infinite Silence.

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