Thank You

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A Divine Droplet of Gratitude inspired partially by Ray Davies’ song Thank You for the Days sang by the Kinks and also Kirsty MacColl. You can sing or say these words to a similar meter/tune… 🙂

Thank YOU for the Rays
Those Rays of Light
Those eternal Rays
Those sacred Rays
You gave me
I’m immersed in those Rays
Infinite Silence says
YOU are ME
That Grace has fallen from Heaven
And revealed itself as ME
Thank you for the place
This sacred space
This joyous Grace
Of life
YOU gave ME
Blessed are the days
These sacred days
This eternal play
Of Life YOU gave ME
In the Silence NOW
I see YOU are ME
We are ONE
YOU and I
Sailing Free

*The Rays being Spheres Of Light emerging from Infinite Silence

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