The Blue Technology

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The Blue Technology.

These were some more of the insightful messages emerging from Infinite Silence yesterday morning along with Insation (a new word – see the insight/blog here).

Instantly, there was an awareness that the blue reminded me of a collective term I’ve heard used for the emergency services: “Blue Light” referring to the Blue Light that the Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance Services have. However, with it was the realisation that the ’emergency’ being referred to here was the spiritual emergency!

The Emergence of spiritual awareness that is available to all of us.

A spiritual technology that is powerful and beautiful beyond words. This technology is born of Infinite Silence and has no limits and is always up to date, on tap and free within everyone always.

What a beautiful metaphor Infinite Silence had chosen for itSELF!

This technology has all the power necessary to transform who you think you are back into who you really are with no effort on your part.

Effortless Grace, Effortless Truth.

We talk a lot about the wonders of modern technology, Green Technology and place a huge amount of faith in them and, of course, these provide us with many wonderful tools that make life in the physical so much easier.

The Blue Technology is older than the hills, eternal, timeless, formless truth. Your very essence.

It is in the forgetting of this infinite source of this divine gift in you that suffering emerges. You forget who you really are and identify with vastly less than the truth, your ego forms and hardens and suffering is an inevitable consequence.

It doesn’t have to be like this! All the power for spiritual transformation, spiritual SELF Realisation is in you NOW.

Waiting, watching for the opening for you to embrace it.

It is constantly sending mail to the inbox of your heart. (See the blog you have messages).

Only rarely do most of us open them, trust them or truly understand and embrace them.

When they are heard, at first there is joy, lightness and inspiration to act on them.

Then ego fearing its demise and loss of control emerges and makes you fearful, doubtful, untrusting in your hearts calling.

No matter what Trust your heart. It never lies.

This Blue Technology or heart technology never fails, never needs upgrading, is free and available everywhere to everyone at all times.

Constantly it is inviting you back home to your truth. Giving you a second chance again and again. It never tires of this. It knows who you really are.

I’m reminded of a short passage in one of the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch where in providing a brief summary of history God says at one point words to this effect:

“Constantly I am sending messages to you all. I noticed nobody was listening. Decided to keep trying!”

It made me laugh out loud at the time. For it spoke a great truth in a humorous way.

Time to listen. Time to embrace the second chance. The source, Infinite Silence calls you even now as you read this.

The spiritual emergence, emergency of your truth awaits.

If you don’t listen, it can result in an emergency of a spiritual crisis and pain.

If you listen and truly hear know that it will lead you back home which is here NOW.

The Blue Technology is yours now. More advanced than the smartest smartphone or greatest computer on the planet. Its free and it’s in you.

What would you pay for a technology like this in the current market? Priceless yes!

What are you waiting for? Take the call. Listen to the message. Embrace it. Follow it.

Like it is said in the ET Films. “ET Phone Home.”

This HOME is your truth. Will you take the call?

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


The 30 minute guide Infinite Silence Experience Video is The Blue Technology in action, it is your free Phone Call Home…

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