The Chosen ONEness

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Self Realisation is the natural choice of life in the body. The Chosen ONEness.

Yes, it is a choice! No, it’s not only for the chosen ones or special few. It is available for all and it is available NOW.

This may feel like a stupendous revelation or it may feel completely natural. Whatever the reaction, it tells you something.

The truth is that you cannot not be Realised Self, Infinite Silence or Isness as it is referred to on this site. However, you can choose to believe in thoughts that you are not that and thus create the experience of suffering. When the Buddha said Life is suffering what he was referring to was the identified life, identified with ego.

So rather amazingly this is the choice to Self Realise or not or perhaps put another way to Self Realise or go with the ego.

Now, it is important to understand here there is no intention to make ego out as the bad guy so to speak. Far from that, actually, ego serves some very important functions. Someone once asked a sage (it may have been Ramana Maharshi). How much ego does one need? The answer just enough to cross the road safely. What this means is that as far as certain practical matters are concerned like the body’s safety in crossing a road then acceptance of it as in need of protection and, for now at least, separate from the oncoming traffic is a good idea. Miracles of consciousness are possible but for everyday purposes its just common sense to live in this practical way.

Aside from that, the fundamental role of ego is to bring you back to yourSELF. Yes!

The system is perfect. Its means involve suffering but when you have had enough of that, as many have experienced, and there is a total surrender realisation can and does occur. The surrender must be absolute.

Perhaps you hadn’t thought of or realised that role of ego before but you can see now it is fundamental.

So, the question may arise. Is it necessary to have incredible suffering for the realisation to occur. No, not really. You see in each moment you are at choice:

Head or Heart? Ego or True Self. Both pointing at the same thing.

Can it really be this simple? Actually, Self Realisation is both the simplest and greatest gift of Life unto Life. You are that Life. Pure and Simple.

It is in the absoluteness of the simplicity that many get lost in the minefield of ego.

It will question everything about you, be the doubter, the pusher, the puller, the cunning fox and more. None of this can be trusted about who you really are for it is based on a false premise and and an incredibly limited view of the totality rooted in thought, memory, belief, identification and attachment. A potent cocktail of suffering that is drank in huge quantities every day.

So let us look more closely at this choice! It is here NOW. Always it is here. Never has it not been here.

Ego may be off on one but there is still choice.

It is what I refer to as the STOP, LOOK, LISTEN approach. Just like you learnt when crossing the road. It saves your life. This, in spiritual terms, will save your life in a different way. Bring an end to suffering. Is that a choice worth making? Absolutely YES.

It’s your choice and yours alone. There is no higher power than your highest, true SELF.

So STOP right here right NOW. STOP.

Do not buy into the train of thought. It will go to many stations and none of them are your truth.

As you STOP. If you LOOK closely a gap or pause occurs. It may be brief but it is there.

Use this moment NOW to ask Who am I?

Ego may give a very limited answer but do not listen to that. LISTEN to the heart. Keep on asking the question of the heart. Bend to LISTEN to its quiet voice. Keep on asking if need be, keep on bending to LISTEN.

You can do this as you go about your daily life, walking down the street. You can do it at the beginning and end of meditation. Keep on using it. This one tool and this one question can change everything. For ultimately, in exploring this question:

Who AM I? The question dissolves the questioner and the SELF IS Realised.

So simple! Yes.

What does it mean you may wonder, “…the question dissolves the questioner?” It means that in the repeated exploration of this question ignoring the small answers of ego and LISTENING to the SILENCE of the heart. You will find ultimately, that who YOU are is the ONEness, the REALISED SELF. Infinite Silence or Isness. The dissolution occurring is of the identified egoic self into and as the ONEness.

It won’t require you to believe anything that is said here or elsewhere for that matter. It won’t require to learn anything. It will simply invite you to let go of ALL that you are NOT so that that which you are may be revealed and experientially REALISED.

The Chosen ONEness.

Blessings in Infinite Silence,


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