The emotional roller coaster

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This is Part 1 of a two-part insight. The link to the second part: Facing and embracing the celestial music is on the button below.

Living from the ego creates an emotional roller coaster. Living from truth IS peace.

Why is this?

You see ego is not a constant thing. It shape-shifts, ducks and dives, bobs and weaves all in an attempt at self-preservation.

Truth, ultimate truth, is a constant. It is timeless and eternal and ever present.

Ego relies upon beliefs. It comes in a package with identification with less than your truth and attachment to that. As a result, it also attaches itself to people, things, places and events. These are egos crutches.

When these crutches change – and they all do – ego is immediately challenged and the emotional energy starts to flow. The roller coaster ride.

Exploring this more deeply, the nature of beliefs, people, things, places and events is rooted in change. What was a belief for you when you were a child could well be vastly different now. What was a belief for you even a few years ago may now be gone and replaced by a different belief. The same is true with the others in the list. Some may be the same or similar but the nature of the physical world is one of change. Constant change. So this is not a great basis upon which to reconcile your version of reality.

All your trust and attention has been placed in an ineffective place and it’s fraught with trouble.

The emotional roller coaster is thus inevitable. For beliefs, attachments and identifications are charged with emotional energy. The reason for that is that all these become your identity. You believe “I AM this that and the other…”

The words “I AM” are very potent. Adding beliefs onto to them is at the root of ego.

The pure I AM is Beingness. Universal Beingness. With nothing else attached. It is pure and graceful. It is a pure expression of consciousness. It is the first born of Infinite Silence. It is, if you like, the perfume of Infinite Silence and we use words like Love, Grace, Peace, Gratitude and Joy to describe it.

Things get sticky and problematical when the weight of belief is added to I AM. A huge energetic contraction occurs. What was Universal, timeless, limitless becomes immediately limited. For example: I AM this body, I AM this condition in this body and so on. You see the difference?

You have instantly limited yourself to something so tiny and the problems begin. It reduces your energetic vibration and things of like vibration will continue to be attracted to you and become your experience.

Now look at the roller coaster. Say an event occurs that you are attached to. May be say a sports team you support wins or say you’ve had your hair done and you are very happy with it. You may be temporarily be very happy at this turn of events but soon time passes, the event fades into the background and the high passes.

May be next time your team loses, or may be your hair isn’t done to your satisfaction. You now feel down, upset, angry may be and more.

It is like this with all the beliefs, identifications and attachments they are event based, time based and limited. Ups and downs are inevitable.

Depending on how many of these crutches you have and the degree to which you rely upon them you may experience great highs followed by deep lows. The duration of these can vary with the degree of identification, attachment and belief and the speed with which events change. Rapid change and deep identification is going to be one heck of a ride. Adding to this, you are attracting all of these experiences to you by holding on to a very limited and, in fact, illusory version of you. The process becomes self-perpetuating.

Now look at truth. Ultimate Truth.

Truth is unchanging, eternal, timeless, formless reliant upon nothing. It is complete, perfect and whole within itself as itself.

YOU are this.

Embrace this totally as your truth and the Realisation of the Self IS yours.

It is that simple.

No belief is necessary for this. Truth is an experience not a belief.

So, you don’t have to believe me on this either!

That places all the spiritual power in your hands. Which is where it has always been, however, you believed it not to be the case.

How beautiful is that? Infinitely so!

So, why is it then in the process of spiritual flowering or the much talked about spiritual journey that so much crap comes to the surface? Why is that when you have started out by opening to the possibility that there may be more to this life than you realised that all that you are not shows its face?

Actually, this has been happening all your life but in the former ‘asleep’ state you’ve almost certainly had a series of coping strategies to keep you going. This is a whole other subject in itself but suffice it to say that a coping strategy is simply a strategy. It may get you through, keep you going, keep you more or less on an even keel but its not getting to the root of the problem. Its not getting to the absolute truth and source of the matter.

So when you do start to open up to your truth you may be doing that in apparent small steps at first but inevitably all those things in the way of your embracing these first steps will emerge. They are like energetic blockages to embracing that higher expression of you.

They show up as an invitation for you to let them go! They are absolutely NOT there as a challenge, to keep you small and so on they are saying: ‘Hey look at this you’ve been carrying around wouldn’t it be great if you let it go!’

Yes it would.

Now because you have been living in the egoic place for so long your default setting in this situation will most likely be the fight or flight response. The first is ego fighting hard to maintain its current version of reality. The second is ego running away, seeking to anaesthetise you enough from the pain to again maintain its version of reality. Neither strategy is going to get you to your truth.

So it’s vital in the spiritual flowering to face and embrace the celestial music. This is the true music of the spheres and it’s coming from YOU.

Embracing this is going to make ALL of the difference. That is the next part in our two part insight.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


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