The eyes that truly see

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The eyes that truly see are the ‘eyes’ of the Universe.

They see ALL. Everything appears in front of them.

In truth you are these eyes. Your body is an outer manifestation of them.

You know this, yet you forget this.

When you say I feel, see, notice or observe something in oneself. Who is it that does this?


You are the Ultimate Seer.

The forgetfulness emerges when you identify (see: A case of Mistaken Identity) with what is observed by you.

What do I mean by this?

A simple example: You say you feel hungry. However, in truth, it is the body that has the hunger pangs. It is merely saying it would like some food to keep it going.

You are not your body. You can observe everything that goes on in your body but you are NOT any of those things: the tingling, the ache, the pain, the pleasure and so on.

You are the observer of them.

In our example if you say YOU are hungry you can easily identify with that hunger and think you are it. It can take over you until the hunger is satiated. Then you may say you are full.

Have you changed?


You have merely observed that the body is sending out the message that is it full for now.

It is you that witnesses all these changes not just in you but what appears to be the external world too. You may label them, judge them, ignore them, be sensitive to them and more.

Your experience of them can be at considerable variance of them to someone else’s!

How is this possible when they are the same thing?

It is possible because the witnessing has been coloured by identification with your conditioning, your upbringing if you will, your past experiences. They are different to that of another and so how they are reported can vary widely despite the situation being observed being one and the same.

When all the identification is released there is only YOU left.

This YOU is the true YOU. Powerful YOU. Graceful You.

It is YOU without conditioning. Truth in other words.

In this place you truly do see. This has been experienced here. I’ve also experienced the identification with things… something less than the whole truth so to speak.

The true seeing is the most powerful place. The other place is one that requires force. (Also see: Power versus Force).

In this powerful place life unfolds effortlessly, gracefully and joyfully.

The other place is one of suffering – duality consciousness.

YOU not only can be in this powerful place. YOU are IT. It IS you.

You will remember this one day. That day everything will change forever. Peace. Bliss. Truth.

It is here now. As Osho puts it is a matter or realising that which is here.




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