The first thing that I remember

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The first that thing that I remember is the only thing worth remembering and it’s not really a thing at all!

Infinite Silence

No thing at all and everything all at once!

Since YOU and I are this. It’s a wonder that you or I ever forgot it in the first place.

But you and I did and didn’t!

How so?

You did it so that you could experience your Self in the physical and to do so you realised that creating the illusion of forgetfulness was part of this so that you could remember your Self again and experience the joy and bliss of doing so whilst ‘in the physical body.’

You created this projection from your Infinite Self and it went something like this:

You were and are No Thing and Everything all at once.

As this, you were not able to distinguish yourself from anything since you were all of it and thus no thing in particular.

So, in this way, you could not experience yourself since there was nothing to experience and there was no time.

Then a flash of brilliance. What if YOU pretended or created the illusion that you were less than all of it you could create experience out of NOTHING!

Experience requires contrasts:

  • To experience Hot you need to have Cold
  • To experience Big you need to have Small
  • To experience Smooth you need to have Rough
  • To experience Love you need to have Fear.
  • To experience full stop you need to have the illusion of time. In that way you could witness the unfolding of events, that is experiences.

YOU did this. YOU did. No ONE else. YOU. The true YOU. Absolute. Infinite. Timeless. Beyond Belief.

Waves of Pure Consciousness that I refer to as Spheres Of Light on this site emerged like waves in the Ocean.

See: We are children of the Ocean.

These waves of consciousness carry the perfume of Joy that you experience when you realise your innate truth.

Consciousness and energy are two sides of the same coin and create the illusion of form.

You did this by assuming identification with facets or aspects of yourself and forgetting the rest!

YOU created the experience of Hot, Cold, Big, Small, Smooth, Rough and crucially the starting point Love and Fear! You created the illusion of form from strong identification condensing and contracting the energy/consciousness. You created the idea of mind so that you could use it pretend all sorts of things. It helped you to forget.

This form, it was a profound and graceful gift you gave to YOUR SELF. Full of grace.

Since it gave you the gift of experiencing everything you chose in the physical.

All of it.

Trouble is the identification with form was so strong you forgot from whence you came!

BUT YOU are so vast, infinite in fact that you were at the same time witnessing ALL of this taking place in front of you so to speak.

Like waves in the ocean which are not separate from it and can take on many hues but always sink back into the ocean, glimpses of remembering of your true infinite self came.

Moments of clarity, real joy. It made YOU start to remember. YOU. YOUR INNATE TRUTH… whilst you were/are still in the physical.

A profound gift indeed!

To remember this utterly, totally whilst wearing the body.


To remember who you really are.

Truly the first thing you or I remember. We are that.


Blessings of pure joy,



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