The Great Cleansing

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A great cleansing unfolds when your truth is touched
All that is not YOUR TRUTH melts away in the blessing of Grace
Nothing can stand in its way
All that you thought, believed, had been told, imagined, identified with who you are disappears
All suffering will leave you
The process may be fast, it may be slow
It can feel graceful or challenging
Challenging if you remain attached to less than the truth of you
Graceful if you are prepared to TRUST your TRUTH totally and let go
All suffering comes from identification with less than the truth of who you really are
This is what the Buddha was pointing at when he said: “Life is suffering”
He meant the ‘identified Life’ with less than truth
With Ego
When ego dies true LIFE is left
That is full of GRACE
Ego is clever and cunning
Grace is intelligent and powerful beyond measure
It’s an uneven match
Grace prevails
But you must let go of mind and open YOUR HEART
Be emptied out from within
When you are completely empty
YOU are completely full of GRACE
You have no idea who YOU are from the space of mind
Only the heart and soul knows
It is beyond mere words
This is why it is said you are NOTHING
A thing has limits
YOU are Infinite
Let go and let the Silence speak
It gives birth to the Power of GRACE
GRACE will cleanse you
It will set you FREE
This is the GREAT CLEANSING and YOUR TRUTH is RADIANT beyond measure

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