The Greatest Complement

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I was busy with creating a new Infinite Silence Experience video yesterday and once completed linking it to various places on the site and sharing with various people. In the process I noticed a friend was talking about something called #ComplimentChallenge. Since I was focused on the task at hand it wasn’t until later and I was fresher an urge emerged to share something on this.

What was emerging in me was this: compliments are, in modern usage, an expression of praise or admiration but they can also be used to stroke the ego. Then came:

“What is the biggest compliment?” and later in discussion with my wife the difference between compliment and complement with an ‘e’. The latter pointing ‘to be in harmony with’ and also ‘completion’. So it came down to: “What is highest complement?” with an ‘e’ and so in spiritual terms Infinite Silence, the Universe, God which are all the same says this:

I am YOU and YOU are me. We are ONE in sacred harmony.

That is an enormous truth. So pause a moment to take that truly to heart.

When you take this truly to heart as your truth. Self Realisation is yours.

It is, in truth, your natural essence.

This is the message of eternity from itSELF unto itSELF. It is a function of experience of itself in YOU, through you as you.

Yet in our human bodies it so easy to forget our absolute truth and become identified with the body, our sex, our possessions, relationships and so on. In this identification ego rules the day and “life is suffering” as the Buddha put it. This is the identified life.

This reminds me of a time when the calling back to my truth really started to stir in me and grab my attention. It had always been there I knew and I recall reading Conversations with God book one. A book I just knew I had to read, there was something huge stirring, a calling back home and there was a great message I’d so wanted to hear right at the start of the book.

Neale Donald Walsch in a state of great distress had written an angry letter to God. When he was totally spent, exhausted and empty a message started to emerge in him. A dialogue began with God, his truth and one of the first questions he asked was this:

“To whom does God talk and when?”

The answer I knew in my heart before it was given and it gave this body a great lift:

I talk with everyone, all the time. The question is not to whom do I talk, but who listens.

I felt the truth in that and from that point was ‘hooked’ and it realised itself fully when the experience of Infinite Silence eventually unfolded in me, through me as me. Amazing Grace.

Along the way, there was much to be discarded as not my truth. Many things to be let go of, many challenges from the space of the mind to passed through, some really tough stuff. Some of these things I had been complimented (with ‘i’) on quite a bit achievements, worldly success and more all from humble beginnings together a good bit of criticism too in a very tough business world. Yet there was a yearning in my soul for something greater than this a sense there was more to be realised.

All the while though I see now with the clarity of truth now that God, the Universe, Infinite Silence was reminding me of the complementary (with ‘e’) message above in many ways. I heard them and felt them when I was open and ready for them. They were like waymarkers to truth.

If I was to capture now a universal and thus complementary message for this journey that spoke to us all it, it would go like this:

“I love you. My love for you is eternal, unchanging, pure and truth expressed. You are showered with Grace and blessings every day, every moment even in those you do not see this and particularly at the times of your greatest suffering.

In those times I carry you just like that famous footprints in the sand piece many of you have read.

You have simply forgotten who you are. You are already whole. Already complete. Already divine. Already enlightened. Already truth.

There is nothing you can do to prevent yourself realising your truth eventually. There is nothing you have to at all. For you are already it.

Stop trying so hard to please me or others. Know instead that my pleasure in you is constant. It is like the music of a small children’s school play. They may sing out of tune and imperfect timing yet like those in the audience it is heard by me with joy and great beauty.

You are my child and I am YOU.

Be still and know that I am God.

Because of YOU the Universe is complete!

Rest now in this divine body of yours.

We are one.

You are more than enough and there is more than enough.

There is nothing you have to do.

You are already that which you seek. Your innate essence is truth.

I am YOU and YOU are me. We are ONE in sacred harmony.

That is what the Universe, Infinite Silence, God is saying NOW and every moment you experience.  You complement the Universe perfectly.

I may not have met you but experientially:

I know YOU, I see YOU, I love YOU, I am YOU.”

Together we are “The Greatest Complement” true completion and unified in sacred harmony.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,



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