The Hand of Grace

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Did you know that within you is the Hand of Grace?

It is in us all.

This actually came up as visual metaphor to one of my friends at a recent Retreat. She was actually shown the image of a hand much like that of a hand in a glove of a puppet. The thing was though she realised that this Hand of Grace was inside her, in fact was her truth, but she was struggling and moving around and essentially ignoring the hand which was completely still.

She reported that it felt very uncomfortable to be struggling and moving this way that in the end she gave up! In that moment the realisation came that this is what she had been doing in life struggling against the flow and not listening and the moment she gave up the feeling was amazing, peace, stillness, silence and so much more.

The realisation was there she just needed to let The Hand of Grace get on with it and not let the ego, the one who was struggling get in the way of the flow.

How many of us have lived life like that? The struggler? Not listening to the inner voice. The Hand of Grace?

So that is just about everyone then!

The divine is like that. It waits. It watches.

When we choose head rather than heart life is an uncomfortable struggle.

When you let go and let Grace move life flows.

Are you ready to let The Hand of Grace act with its source Infinite Silence act through your life?

Stop struggling. Start listening and glow with the flow of Grace.

Could it be that simple?


Who you think you are and who you actually are vastly different.

Thinking limits you to your body, thoughts, belief in those thoughts and endless conditioning and limitations about you. Life feels like a struggle.

Listening to the voice of heart, The Hand of Grace, will show you that you are, in truth, nothing. Yes NO THING. Yet Infinite. Infinite Silence.

Call off the search. NOW.

Let go of all that you think that you are. Listen. Say yes to the heart. Commit to that. Only that.

The Hand of Grace flows…

The 30 minute guided Infinite Silence experience below will help you get in touch with The Hand of Grace in you.

What are you waiting for?

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


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