The Human Grace

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The Human Grace*
This is the paradigm of Truth
The viewpoint of the Infinite
The essence of our beingness
It is NOT a ‘human race’ as ego has taught us
The Human Grace
IS an allowing
Of Grace eternal to blow through us
The true divine wind
Powerful indeed
Yet it’s touch is as gentle as Silence
Infinite Silence
It’s not something we have to work for
Or earn
It IS our very SELF
Our true Presence
Grace is its perfume
Along with Joy, Truth and Love
Forever present
For it has been pre – sent
And is the greatest present
A gift beyond measure
It simply has to be REALised
By dropping ALL that you are not
Getting out of your own way
Grace Flows
The Human Grace*

The phrase: “The Human Grace*” was shared with me first by some beautiful friends in Norway. Thank you so much Aisha and Lisbeth your sacred souls are so pure. Gratitude for the allowing of this sharing in this Divine Droplet. That Human Grace expressed in one of its myriad ways. <3

Please do visit Aisha’s site of truly Graceful watercolour images emerging from Infinite Silence. For me, rather like my own wife’s watercolours they are an emerging consciousness moving from the formless into form.

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