The Iceberg Metaphor

 In Self-Mastery

Self (non-dual) Realisation is realising you are the Ocean of Infinite Silence Awareness when you’ve believed yourself to be the separate body-mind.

No matter how vast the belief (iceberg is) the Ocean is Infinite.

It is thus inevitable. A case of when, not if. In this lifetime or another.

Inquiry “Who am I?” in many variations supports the process. It is one with what Meditation really is = Awareness Silence.

It will be realised you are a Living Meditation. One with the essence.

This is the source of inner-peace.

If it is peace that you seek.

Silence is the answer.

The Iceberg Metaphor Gateway Location


The origins of this metaphor are shared in the 8 minute video below which is in turn an extract of a longer video referred to the video and in turn Live Stream 29 on my YouTube Channel some years ago! It has been developed quite a bit from the original insight.

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