The Invitation

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Did you get the Invitation?
Did you notice it arrived?
It is and was addressed to you!
Did you forget?
Or miss it?
It is here
An Open Invitation
To Truth
Did you doubt it?
Think it was wrongly addressed?
Wonder what you had done to deserve it?
Perhaps it was for someone else with the same name?
No, it is clearly for you
How could this be?
This invitation
It is because you are already there
It IS here NOW
You just think and believe it isn’t
That creates the experience it isn’t
So simple
What to do?
Should you accept?
Should you embrace it?
What about others?
What will they think?
Do you know they have the invitation too?
How could they not
It is an invitation for all
Such a beautiful gift and opportunity
Why not accept?
What is there to lose?
Only suffering!
The opportunity
OMG Peace in YOU
Through you, as YOU
What else?
The Peaceful Place
Accept the Invitation from your heart NOW
Here it comes again
Here it IS NOW
Infinite Silence
Home, Free

The 30 minute guided Infinite Silence Experience Video below is for YOU from YOU. It connects YOU to YOUR truth. It helps you Open & accept “The Invitation.”

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