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Will you accept the InVoice?

Will you reject it or dispute it?

That’s what happens to a lot of invoices right? They are disputed or rejected as invalid or incorrect or too costly. That’s in the commercial world we live.

The InVoice referred to by Infinite Silence though is different. The costs of not accepting it are very high. Extortionate in fact:

It costs you your peace. That’s way too expensive!

That is what comes from not accepting and embracing the InVoice. The Inner Voice!

The Voice of your heart and soul. The Voice of Infinite Silence.

The root of the word invoice apparently comes from middle French envois, plural of envoi “dispatch (of goods),” literally “a sending,” from envoyer “to send” (see envoy).(From

The InVoice is an envoy! An envoy of truth. YOUR TRUTH. You have your very own special envoy. InVoice. How beautiful is that?!

Often, though we treat it like it is a commercial invoice for something we’d rather not have to pay for, something we wish was cheaper, something we hold onto until it has to be paid. Painful stuff.

It is painful to not listen to the InVoice. Not listening to it is at the root of suffering. All suffering!

Instead, we listen to the egoic mind and cause ourselves and others untold suffering. We keep on doing what we have always done and then are sometimes surprised the results are the same or getting worse.


Because we have all been conditioned in one way or another to be like this instead of listening to the calling of our hearts. It’s that simple.

The InVoice has zero financial cost, no VAT (tax) no time limited payment date and will keep on being sent until we listen!

Perhaps you recall the scene from the start of the Harry Potter films where Harry receives a letter from Hogwarts. Then Harry’s Guardian’s reject it, the letters from Hogwarts continue to arrive and then eventually the whole house is inundated with them. They can’t resist any longer the message has got through and has to be listened to no matter what the apparent cost.

Truth or the InVoice can be like that. It will speak quietly at first. Gently. Caressingly. Encouragingly.

But if it’s not listened to it keeps trying to get through. You get anxious, tired, stressed and more in the process because you are not listening to yourSELF. Eventually, if rejected enough, it will bring about something that will make you take notice. This can be anything from major stress to major illness and so on.

When it reaches this level we have to take notice. Stop. Look. Listen. Within. We have to nurture ourselves and look at what has been going on in our lives to bring about this situation. If we look closely we will see a glimmer of light and make changes. If not we could continue to suffer greatly.

The cost of not listening to and embracing the InVoice is a life of suffering.

The greatest opportunity of listening to and embracing it wholeheartedly is the realisation of the SELF. Who you are really are!

Put that way, you’d wonder why most of us don’t listen! The consequences and benefits are not understood or realised.

So the invitation from within, here, NOW is for you to STOP. LOOK and LISTEN to the InVoice.

The Envoy from within!

It is not separate from you, higher than you, judging you. It is your truth, speaking to you about YOUR true SELF. YOUR true divine nature.

The voice of Infinite Silence as expressed through you, in you as you.

What an opportunity. What a gift. Free, Free From and Freedom all in one package. An opportunity for you life to be lived as a Masterpiece of Joy.

Here comes the InVoice. Will you accept it and embrace it?

The 30 minute guided Infinite Silence Experience Video is here for you NOW. It will help you connect with your truth. To be able to hear your InVoice.

It is your InVoice from the heart and soul.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


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