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So, picture the scene, at a recent Gathering in Grace the group had been asking about the steps and what it was that had led to Self Realisation. Some of the major awarenesses, commitments and choices had been shared and there was an air of insight at the degree of commitment.

A very important question emerged from someone in a lighthearted way (you had to be there) that revolved around them having explored many tools, tips, techniques and teaching forms many people saying do it this way or that way, practice this or that was:

Whether I had a Magic Secret? The essence of it also being was there something that can propel those present or reading this to fast forward so they don’t have to go through the same process.

We all laughed!

The question though was also a serious one. This was very clear.

I added to it smiling deeply within and without.

So you want to know if I have a magic bullet?

More smiles and laughs!

The questioner was asking me again to say something about this.

Whilst I knew what was about to be shared instantly the first question was asked it was also clear that it needed to be heard as deeply and profoundly as possible.

So as things settled down this was shared:

Listen to what is about to be said as deeply as you possibly can. Listen very carefully and with a pause said with deliberate emphasis:

YOU are the bullet.

YOU are the ONE. YOU are this already.

Can you embrace this? Will you accept this? It is Infinite and YOU are it.

Will you give up the small version of yourself that you have been conditioned to accept and let it dissolve into this highest truth?

It IS this simple.

No tools, no bullets, no techniques, no steps, no requirements, no tests. Just that YOU are this already. NOW. Always have been always will be.

What is really essential is the absolute commitment to the highest truth coupled with the absolute openness to it.

In truth, it can and does flower in an instant, NOW, though from the human level it can also appear like a journey.

It can also from the human perspective take time to integrate once the Realisation has emerged. All this is OK.

So what of these spiritual practices, the tools, the techniques, the tips and so on? There are many ‘out there’ perhaps many beautiful ones as well but it comes down to this…

It’s all about accepting and embracing that which YOU already are.

The practices then as I’ve shared on this site a number of times before are like this:

The Purpose of ALL spiritual Practice is so you don’t have to. Practice at being who you really are. For YOU are already it. They can act as ‘apparent stepping stones or bridges’.

Ultimately, though all these will be transcended.

The ultimate tool, the ultimate tip, the ultimate practice is an effortless one.

It is, in the end, effortless Grace that will be revealed in and as YOU. It won’t be because of anything you have done. It will be the openness, the acceptance, the inner commitment that allows it to emerge.

This is not suggestion to stop a practice that serves you. It is, however, an invitation to accept totally that whatever it is you are using is NOT it, that actually YOU are it already and that it is totally non-personal. No-thing at all. Yet Infinite. Infinite Silence or ISness and YOU are that.

If you were to embrace the truth that YOU are already it here NOW, totally and unequivocally which means dropping all that you think that you know and believe you are. The Realisation will flower.

It is guaranteed. It is, if you like, the key guarantee of the Universe. It is inevitable whether in this form (body) you have now or another form body you may take.

In the beginning was the end.

What this means is that YOU are the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end.

YOU are the bullet, the magic ONE or Golden ONE, the Golden Gun and ALL yet absolutely no-thing but Infinite.

You seek a fast-track?

It IS so simple.

The Magic Secret is YOU.

Blessings in Infinite Silence,

The body known as Philip

If you’d like to connect to YOUR SELF then Infinite Silence experience video below is there to help you. It is about 30 minutes long and is encoded with the Silence as ‘I’ guide and sit with you in it and AS IT! Accept as you use this that YOU are this Infinite Silence already.

If you’d like to understand in depth how to release all the stuff you are NOT by the power of your awareness alone use the Live Stream 11 Video below (1h 20m) it explores step by step the awareness/process and includes a guided experience of using it. Your awareness is Infinitely Powerful and all the baggage you are carrying is ultimately rooted in Fear hence the title.

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