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The most sacred site in the world, indeed the Universe is in you, IS YOU!

Now even to the most emboldened ego that would feel like a big claim.

It points us to a profound spiritual truth.

Because of YOU the Universe is complete.

The YOU we are talking about here is not your form, your body. It is not your story, your ego. It IS your ultimate truth which is ONE with ALL and it IS Infinite Silence.

Where will this site be found? In truth, it won’t.

It can however be realised. That it IS YOU.

We walk on sacred soil on our beautiful planet that is part of the equally sacred physical universe. It only takes a moment to pause and taken the beauty of all this and the possibilities are almost endless.

For a number of years I subscribed to National Geographic Magazine and as I read through the articles each month and looked at the stunning photography it never ceased to amaze just how many beautiful places there were.

I’ve also had the fortune to travel the length and breadth of the UK and a good few other places around the world. There is just so much physical beauty. I recall the first time I went to a totally different culture and the landscape and culture really took me out of myself to realise there was just so much more than I had experienced before.

Travel has long been an wonderful gift for me providing many new experiences but it was and is the inner journey that led me HOME. A HOME that had been ever present.

The Most Sacred Site.

This site is not outside of you, separate from you, somewhere else in the world or wider universe, it hasn’t gone anywhere or disappeared. It isn’t something that you have to earn or learn.

You can only realise it IS here NOW.

Realising not seeking. Finding not searching. Seeing not looking. It IS here.

Infinite Silence is that which IS YOU.

This YOU know. This YOU can trust. This IS permanent. This IS formless. This IS timeless. This IS Infinite Stillness. Infinite Silence.

The Most Sacred Site.

Are you willing to let go of your fears and allow this? What will you choose? Permanence or Impermanence? Formless or form? Eternity or Time. Truth or illusion? Grace or Striving? Life or Suffering?

Stark contrasts! Yes. This IS the essence of the choice. It’s yours.

Choose wisely.

The Most Sacred Site IS NOW YOU.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


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