The Practice-less Practice

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This is Part 3 of a 3 Part Series Offering Powerful Awareness in service of Self Realisation. The Link to Parts 1 and 2 are at the bottom of this Part.

The purpose of ALL spiritual practice is ultimately so you don’t have to. Practice that is. At being who you really are!

This is a fundamental awareness.

You are already that which you truly seek. Your natural essence is already Self Realised. You are already this Infinite Silence referred to on this site. This IS your divine essence.

You cannot be separate from this. This is impossible. You can however create the experience that you are not that by identifying with duality consciousness, the ego. The ego is a consequence of believing in all the conditioning that takes place in duality.

It’s the most expensive thing you have bought in your life. It can cost you your life!

So this is why the title of this insight is the Practice-less Practice for, in truth, the practice is only acting as an ‘apparent’ stepping stone to that which you already are.

So herein is a great gift:

In committing to Time for Truth and the Emptying Out process you can do so in the awareness that you are NOT striving towards a goal but opting to remember who you really are!

This is so important there aren’t words strong enough for it. For if one strives towards Self Realisation, Enlightenment as something to be achieved you actually push the Realisation away.

It is not to be attained. It IS to be REALISED.

You get there by REALISING YOU are already there.

Pause and take that in. Could it be true? What does your heart have to say about it?

Heart speaks as the quiet voice within. You may need to ‘bend’ to listen but it can be heard and more importantly felt.

Ego or the noise of the head may be in fear at this revelation. Why? For it will see it that it’s days are numbered!

You are Infinitely bigger than any fear or other manifestation of conditioning that may emerge. KNOW this. TRUST this.

By placing trust in ego you are taking the monumental dare of not trusting your heart, your divine essence and the result is suffering. Simple.

By Trusting in the calling HOME of your truth you are embracing that essence and it will guide back into the experiential REALISATION of that which you are.

With these simple, yet profound, awarenesses you allow this transformation back into your SELF and the experience of it will come more readily and easily to you.

Doubt all that you are NOT. Trust ONLY ALL that you are. Keep this divine awareness that you are it already at the forefront of your life and most particularly when ‘crap’ emerges. For it mostly likely will.

The ‘crap’ emerges not to challenge you but as an INVITATION for you to release it. Taken in this light you can move through swiftly and gracefully.

It is all about trusting this divine essence and giving no credence to that which are not.

We are not talking about running away from the charge of emotional energy that may emerge here, hiding or running. Absolutely not.

No, we are talking about letting that emerge, welcoming it, feeling it but absolutely NOT becoming it.

We are talking about witnessing that with your attention rested in and as Infinite Silence. Watching it like some movie is taking place in your body all of it being watched neutrally, no judgement of you or anyone else for that matter.

Watching it this way will transmute FEAR into LOVE. For all the conditioning, all the ‘Crap’ is rooted in FEAR. FEAR because duality consciousness creates opposites and FEAR is the opposing energy in duality. It actually has no control over you when it is witnessed in the light of your true awareness.

It has no choice but be melted away or more actually transformed back into the source which is Infinite Silence, the birth place of the experience of Love, Grace, Peace, Truth, Gratitude, Blessing.

So, you NOW embrace Spiritual Practice from this blessed awareness. You accept the INVITATION HOME from this place. That you are, in TRUTH, already that which you truly seek.

With a sincere heart, a divine openness, the REALISATION can and will be YOURS. It is absolutely and utterly the gift that you are, thus totally possible.

The purpose of all spiritual practice is so you don’t have to. Practice that is. At being who you really are.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


Below are are number of supporting gifts: Two videos about Trust (about 4 mins and 6 mins respectively), links to the two other insights in this three part series and the 30 minute Infinite Silence Experience Video.

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