The Rarefied Atmosphere of Silence

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In the Rarefied Atmosphere of Silence transformation and transcendence to the true SELF is inevitable.

Thus is the power of Silence. It’s vibration is Infinitely high and yet it appears still rather like a fast moving machine.

It IS Infinite and thus limitless, eternal, timeless, formless essence.

Anything that touches it will be transformed and transcend back to it for it is the very source. YOU are this.

No teachings are required, there is nothing to learn about it. It simply IS.

This true SELF instantly and unequivocally Realises itSELF as itSELF. It is a knowingness. Once touched never forgotten and an unstoppable process of return to the SELF is inevitable. In truth, it is inevitable anyway, for all is birthed from that to that ALL returns. All here NOW.

It is for these reasons that all accurate spiritual guidance will point to Silence as the Pathless Path to Realisation. Whilst the routes to this may be manifold, the ‘destination’ so to speak is the same.

Silence is Wild Life. Absolute Consciousness. Energy with SELF Awareness.

It IS Life that is wild in the sense of absolute freedom beyond even the concept of freedom. The Ultimate Wild Life that expresses itSELF in limitless variety yet is all fundamentally rooted in and as Silence.

The Universal Space of Silence is just that. Universal and unlimited. Even the idea of Space and Time are birthed from it.

At the Edge of Universal Space and Sphere of Silence a birthing emerges.

This is akin to the ‘first born’ of Silence that is referred to on this site as Spheres Of Light or pure Universal Beingness. The Pure I AM with nothing associated with it. It is pure consciousness first expressed. Spheres rather than Sphere singular is simply pointing at its limitless possibilities of expression within many Spheres. Spheres Of All Possibilities. Spheres Of Light. Time bound and Space bound.

Form that is physical follows on from this and is the third part of what is often referred to as the triality of consciousness:

Infinite Silence: Spheres Of Light (I AM): Form (physical domain)

The second two elements only being expressions of the first and collapsing back to the source in no time. Time and space being constructs of the Silence to create the illusion of experience.

It is like a Holographic Projection from the Silence.

A universal sized one with no limits. You could think of it as akin to a universal sized version of the Holodeck in Star Trek.

The words “Rarefied Atmosphere of Silence.” Were its own words for itSELF and these words are worthy of exploration.

The context of Rarefied being pointed at, in particular, is elevated, indeed the highest possible in this case. Though it also indicates that for now, in our experience, at least few appear to realise these heights. However, this need not be the case. The invitation is there for all.

Atmosphere comes from the Greek atmos meaning ‘vapour and steam’ but more deeply, atmo ‘to blow’ and also rather beautifully ‘to inspire, spiritually arouse’. Sphere, the second part, comes from Sphaira (Sphere, ball).

Atmos is also closely linked with Atman: in Hindu philosophy the SELF or Soul, from Sanskrit from atma: essence, breath, soul.

So now we see why it chose these words. For the Silence which is Life brings forth the breath of life and it is indeed rarefied for it is the very source itSELF.

Thus, it is clear to see now why this breath of Life is so transformative and transcending. It will literally inspire, which is another word associated with breath, spiritually and arouse the awareness of the SELF.

A powerful message indeed!

It is worth also mentioning that the context of the phrase “Rarefied atmosphere of Silence” was a kind of question that was being answered for itself. “How do you live in the earth environment?”

Answer: “In the Rarefied Atmosphere of Silence!”

This is a profound pointing to the invitation to us all “How to live.” This is the Invitation of the Source unto itSELF for itSELF. A gift from the SELF to the SELF if you will.

We are at choice! Do we accept the invitation to Silence the inner inspiration of the breath of Silence or go with the noise of the ego mind?

Why would you choose the latter? A good question that ultimately has no answer that will stand the test of Silence.

Going with the noise brings suffering as the Buddha expressed it.

Choosing the Inspiration brings Realisation of the SELF in the Rarefield Atmosphere Of Silence.

Here YOU are.

Choose the Inspiration of the breath of Silence now using the free videos provided below: The Infinite Silence Meditation Explored and Experienced (1 h 27) and Beyond Phenomena from Awakening Experiences to Absolute Self Realisation (2h 18).

Blessings in Silence,


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