The Silent Path

 In Self-Mastery

The Silent Path

Are you doing it your way?
Just like in the song – my way?
For practical things it can be empowering.
Achieving your goal.
A pat on the back.
A stroke of the identity’s fur.
Have you suffered along the way?
Were there struggles and strife?
Times when you might give up?
All part of the journey.
Of goals, resolutions, achievements.
Does your heart call you to peace?
Pause, listen.
In Silence.
What does it say?
Invite you its way?
The Silent Path.
Does it feel inspiring, uplifting, expansive?
Even surprising?
Then this you can trust.
Or is it must, should, ought to?
Contracting, heavy, dense, something to prove?
This is of the mind.
It cannot be trusted when it comes to truth.
To peace, to Self Realisation.
Instead, trust the Silence of the heart space.
The Silent Path.

The Silent Path Gateway Location
The Silent Path Gateway Location
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  • Teresa Mc Bride

    Hi Philip, I heard your interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump. I’m wondering if you are doing any in person retreats soon and also if you do one to one sessions. If so, how much do they cost?
    Many blessings for your wonderful work.

    • Philip Wade

      That’s wonderful to hear Teresa and thank you for listening. It is a joy to share this message with the world. There’s no current dates planned for an in-person retreat though there will likely be one later this year both in-person and online combined. To be kept informed there is a signup form on the Home Page of the Newsletter about half-way down the page – also on the About Philip Page. The costs vary a bit and my aim is to make them affordable. I’ll send you a link to the prior retreat by email so you can see the options and prices but you can find it also in the Events Section if you scroll down to the last Retreat full details are there. Blessings in Infinite Silence.

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