The X Factor

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Have you been looking for the X Factor?
That extra special element that makes the difference
Have you doubted you have it?
Have you doubted yourself?
Only special people have it right?
Everyone is special
Everyone has the X Factor
But most have been looking in the wrong place
Outside of themselves!
Here’s the best kept open secret on the planet
You’ll never find it there
It’s within
It’s in your heart
Right here, right now
You’ve been covering it up with your mind
The egoic mind
No trials or auditions needed
No crowd to please
Please Your Self, Your Big Self
Unlock your heart by trusting
Trusting that quiet voice within
Not the noisy one in your head
Trust the still quiet one
Trust the subtle one
It’s waiting for you NOW
Bend to listen
It calls
I love YOU
It envelops you in Grace
More than enough love to share
Love yourself, Your True Self Totally
Trust your heart
It’s messages are imbued with JOY
It will make all of the difference
That’s the X Factor

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