There’s no question

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There’s no question!

You are already the true SELF.

You already have the spiritual power within.

You already are eternal presence.

Our greatest spiritual misunderstanding is the belief we are not that.

To imagine oneself as separate from the Universe, the Infinite the divinity and go about life suffering as a result.

The ultimate identity crisis!

We forgot.

Home IS here NOW. All is takes is a step-less step to embracing the divinity that we already are. Not at some perceived future time but in the present moment NOW.

Trusting totally the message of the heart so that it is an experiential knowingness of your ultimate truth.

The mistake is amplified in trusting the egoic mind over the truth of the heart.

The heart never lies. Ego on the other hand asks for you life.

There comes a point when the suffering is too much and the surrender to truth emerges. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic though. It can be embraced here NOW without the years of torment and struggle.

It may be portrayed as a leap of faith but the faith has actually been put into the ego. Trusting the heart instead makes fundamental common sense.

No leap necessary then.

There’s nowhere to go. Nothing you have to do to be the SELF. The act of doing or striving pushes it away from you.

It is instead an allowing, an embracing, a recognition a REALisation of that which is truly REAL.

The REALised essence and YOU my friend are that. We are that. All of us no exceptions.

In spiritual Inquiry many questions are used about the nature of one’s experience and they serve this purpose…

…as an opening into the truth that rests beyond them. To dispel the illusion and recognise truth.

All the questions ultimately boil down to one question!

Who am I?

The question dissolves the questioner and the SELF IS REALised.

It’s that simple. For when the question is fully explored to its ultimate depth it IS seen that there is no questioner just the absolute oneness that IS Infinite Silence.

… and YOU are that.

No separation. No illusions. No questions. So…

There’s no question!

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


The insights linked via the buttons below: Self Realisation and Spiritual Stepping stones deepen the exploration.

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