There’s nothing you have to do

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There’s nothing you have to do
YOU, are already YOUR TRUE SELF
You have simply forgotten this
Overlaid the wondrous beauty of your heart and soul with mind
Egoic mind tells you: “You must, should, could, would”
It judges you constantly
You believe it!
You have been conditioned into believing there is something you have to do
To earn your TRUTH, FREEDOM, to be enlightened
It IS in fact YOUR natural essence
YOUR source
How can you do anything to become that which is innately YOU
YOU can’t of course!
The belief that you have to do something to be that is the biggest block to realising it
Drop that belief, utterly, totally, completely
This is the true surrender
It is not a doing!
It IS allowing that which IS to realise
Self Realise
Infinite Silence
In YOU, through YOU, as YOU
There’s nothing YOU have to do

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