This Resting Space

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Stay awhile in this resting space my friend
Stay awhile more
This IS your HOME
That, in truth, you never left
Even though at times you felt bereft
‘Twas always here in your heart
Never apart
Though you travelled far and wide
It was always there deep inside
This Resting Space
In the Silence that births your being
Your inner seeing
When you stopped to look
That’s all it took
The divine perfume arose
Touching all and heaven scent
Unmistakable Grace
In this Resting Space
Will you stay awhile?
Come and see
In the mirror of TRUTH
Wash away your tears
In its loving gaze
Its warm embrace
This Resting Space
The field of illusion melted away
The longer you stay
And pray
The prayer of Love
It fits like a glove
On the hand of Grace
This Resting Space
The inner limitless essence
Of Infinite Silence
This Resting Space

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