Time: Throw away that weapon!

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In a recent workshop someone asked about taking time in spiritual development and was living with the feeling of already having spent a lot of time on it perhaps even too much time.

My immediate insight and observation offered was that only the egoic mind could look at it in this way for time is of duality consciousness. In Unity Consciousness time is meaningless.

This feeling of having spent a lot of time on spiritual growth is a tool being used by the egoic mind to ‘throw you off the scent.’

Later, a powerful affirmation came as they always do when you are open to hearing TRUTH.

It came, of course, as the title of this blog:

Time: Throw away that weapon!

It had that unmistakable ring of truth about it. It’s a very powerful message.

Just take the scenario being questioned above and you can easily see how the egoic mind seeking its own preservation was using time as a weapon against the realisation of one’s innate truth.

If you believed the egoic mind it would have you further identifying with it  than you already are and taking you ‘off the scent’ all in a bid to preserve the small egoic self. (see also: A case of mistaken identity!).

Looked at in every day life, how often is time used as a weapon getting people stressed and identified with deadlines, judging people or situations, creating separation and more?

That deadline or too many DEAD LINES might well just do that: leave you for dead or feeling dead from life.

“You took too long!”

“That was too fast!”

“He’s too slow”

A fraction of a second separates the winner from the losers.

What is all this about?

Separation. Division. Disunity. 


I’m not saying here that the tool of time for certain facets of life is all bad or indeed useless. In fact, it is indeed positively helpful used from the heart. Time in this heart space is a sacred gift allowing us to experience life in the physical and a beautiful unfolding of life in front of us.

However, the world in general or at least large parts of it, is hung up on time especially in speeding things up.

Does life need to go any faster?

Does life have a speed anyway?

Is it any wonder so many people in the western hemisphere in particular want to escape the rat race and live more gently and in harmony with life!

Take a look at how many ways YOU use time as weapon against your SELF making life difficult for YOU stunting your growth and unfolding and expression of your TRUE SELF since you are too hung up on TIME.

You will find you’ve been programmed into this state.

You have made a vast investment in TIME. You’ve bought into the myth. (See my blog/insights: Open Secrets)

You will and can also realise you have the Power innate within you to change it. It will require a conscious effort at first. (See also: Power Vs Force).

The benefits will be huge.

Time: Throw away that weapon!

In throwing away the weapon there is the opportunity for something profound to be REALised. Made REAL in your experience.

It is this:

YOU are already that which you seek!

The YOU I am referring to here is your innate essence, your enlightened truth, SELF, Infinite Silence.

It is here NOW.

It’s not some future goal. Nor is it something you have lost. You have simply forgotten it.

The time to remember YOUR TRUTH it is NOW. You only ever experience NOW. YOU can only realise truth NOW.

This is what your heart is truly calling for NOW.

Swap your Dead Lines for Life Lines. Let your life transform. Here. Now. Into the Timeless. The Infinite Silence.


Blessings and joy from the Infinite Silence,



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  • Phyllis Howells

    Hi! I met you at the Quantum Touch class in London, a few years ago. I am glad to see that your business has taken off and doing well. I think you were just getting it up and going at the time. I’m new to this Linked in business, so I don’t really understand it, yet. I will try to kleptocracy [keep?] in touch with your work. I am starting to use QT more, now in my own life. So, if it is ok with you I would like to get your website to keep in touch with you. Thank you from a fellow QT user.

    • Philip Wade

      Hi Phyllis, Lovely to hear from you. I have a feeling you were you living in the UK at the time or was that someone else? I was already a QT Instructor back then but gave that up to focus on my own profound spiritual insights and gifts which I now share on this site. The names that came to me for these was Spheres Of Light and Infinite Silence and I share them freely/Open Source way with the world via this website, workshops and so on. They have been transformative in my life and that of many others around the world. The QT skills still come in handy though. Very happy to keep in touch and share. Blessings, Philip 🙂

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