Today you shall be with me in Paradise

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Today you shall be with me in Paradise!

You are, in fact, already there.

How so?

Because YOUR TRUE enlightened SELF is that. Paradise.

What you see presenting itself to the world is a person. In the vast majority of our cases that is.

Unless you have REAL_ised your inner most truth in this body. Your body.

To do that you have to give up everything YOU thought you were or were taught you were or has been overlaid on you in some way.

You’ve bought into the biggest lie going. (See: Open Secrets)

Let the lie go and Trust in YOUR absolute TRUTH.

That YOU are blessed. YOU are Divine. YOU are enlightened. That is, in fact, your very essence.

Anything else is a mask you’ve been wearing and presenting to the world out of an overlay of fear.

Drop the mask. Drop all the identification with the person.



Remember absolute TRUST is not having to TRUST at all. It is a knowing and experiencing.

Allow this and the prophecy, or more accurately, a statement of the most blindingly obvious truth will REAL_ise.

Then, as the Christed one put it:

Today you shall be with me in Paradise.

You won’t even have to die physically to experience this.

But YOU will have to die to the LIE. (See: A matter of Life and Death)

Die to the LIE.

Today you shall be with me in Paradise.


Blessings from the Infinite Silence

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