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Sex is going on all the time everywhere and is a divine invitation to Self Realisation.

The sister post “Word was SEX” provides more insight on this. In brief, sex is all energy exchanges and, when in harmonious flow, is a Synergistic Energy EXchange.

In the human dimension, there is so much confusion and limiting beliefs around the subject and its significance or otherwise in Self Realisation.

What if sex could be approached from a place of truth? A deep invitation to transcendence and communion?

It can be! Even Self Realisation is feasible such is the power of the gift of the divine in this.

Schools of exploration of sex have emerged perhaps the most well know being Tantric Sex.

Tantra itself is more than just sex. Herein lies a confusion and misunderstanding for it can be portrayed and understood from a non-realised space just as a vehicle for sensational sex. Sensational sex is a wonderful gift. Tantra though is more than that.

Tantra is transcendent, it is a spiritual pathless path that is a direct opening to Self Realisation. For a deep exploration of this you can read Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Osho.

To quote:

Tantra is freedom; freedom from all mind-constructs, from all mind-games; freedom from all structures; freedom from the other. Tantra is a space to be. Tantra is liberation, a total orgasm of the whole being.

and further:

This is the map to turn you on, and turn you in, and to turn you beyond.

The total orgasm with the Universe and turning you beyond being the Realisation of the Self. Self Realisation. Now that is an opportunity not to be missed and you can embrace sensational sex along the way!

Transcendent sex can provide an opening to Realisation.

It requires more than just a focus on sensation though. It stems from bringing the infinite power of awareness to it. This takes it a step beyond. It provides an opening for Transcendence.

It will step you from Sensation to Insation, the inner sensation-less sensation that is beyond descriptive power.

A bliss beyond bliss.

To Realisation and Insation – (see the insight from Sensation to Insation here).

So much of sex isn’t truly like this though. It may satisfy a desire which comes from ego temporarily but will not go any further than that.

Self Realisation can emerge readily without another to have sex with and will often emerge that way. This has become confused in thinking that celibacy, as it is currently defined, that is sexual abstinence, is necessary for Self Realisation.

It is not.

In other areas, for example, some religions it is an imposed requirement.

Denial is not truth. Abstinence is not truth. Ego desire is not truth.

Denial, abstinence and desire are ego constructs. In these cases often associating it with some perceived higher or purer state. This comes from the ego thinking place it is just another belief in the way of truth.

Truth lies in transcendence. It is feasible to transcend the egoic desires through the power of awareness.

Those desires witnessed from the space of  Infinite Silence, your highest truth will be transmuted effortlessly and gracefully from the fear base they emerge from into transcendent opening.

In taking a celibacy vow one may simply be in denial or abstinence of those desires. They are still there lurking under the surface. However, if they are witnessed from presence the highest truth of the Infinite Silence they will be transformed and transmuted. If they are held and suppressed, as we have sadly seen widely reported, they can surface in horrific ways.

Just to be crystal clear, with regards to celibacy, it will very much depend on the space such a choice is coming from. From the ego it is a denial from a space of the highest awareness it is free from the ego constructs. ONE is the sex.

Within consensual human sex there is still an invitation to transcendence.

Here is why!

The fundamental case of mistaken identity taken on by just about everyone is that they are their body, the story of the body, the experiences of the body and the beliefs of the body.

This is a fundamental error! The body is something that you have not that which you are. It is a tool of the Infinite the gifts the grace of experience.

The body is a vehicle of the Infinite, not the other way round. The Infinite is total, eternal, timeless and formless and of all of this is imbued energetically in the form. The form can change form, pass and die but the essence of it remains untouched.

You may think you are a woman, or man or perhaps neither and other variations but all these are coming from the space of thought and belief. That which you are is beyond all such identification beyond the form.

Truth has no judgement about any of these choices only ego does this.

Yet imbued within the form is the Infinite itSELF and that gives the opportunity for SELF Realisation and still ‘have’ a body.

Identification with form is duality consciousness. Dropping this totally with all its beliefs opens one to Realisation.

Herein is a divine opportunity in human sex. The female most often associated with the Yin energy (receptive, nurturing) and the male most often associated with the Yang (giving, protective) is imbued within all forms.

Yin enfolds the Yang and the Yang the Yin just like in the symbol. Both female and male forms have both not just one.

Now approaching the human sexual experience from a place of awareness is going to create an opportunity for a deeper experience and even transcendence, even Realisation.

The energies driving it are the ones of true SELF Awareness. The merging together of what may be perceived as separate Yin and Yang energies and transcended into Unity. Oneness. Self Realisation.

Whatever body form you consider yourself to have you will have bought into certain beliefs about sex in that body. Limiting beliefs that will interfere throughout all of life whether you are having sex or not. Limitations, contractions fears in other words.

All limitations are fears.

Embracing the opportunity to step beyond those will lead to a whole new experience.

It can lead to Transcendent experiences. What an invitation!

This is also why there are associations between orgasm and the phrase Le Petite Mort – the little death. This is not just a coincidence in a deep orgasm that goes beyond just the physical experience there is indeed a death of identification with ego.

Sex then becomes more than just an act of two people but a divine invitation to Truth:

To Sexual Communion.

That is the title of the next part in this series.

Blessings in Infinite Silence,


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