Transmuting Fear into Love

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Thought cannot heal your pain, presence will transform it. 

Transmuting Fear into Love is profoundly simple!
What you call your mind can make it feel difficult
Fear whilst feeling real actually isn’t
A good way of looking at this is:
FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real!
Ego believes and thrives on fear solidifying its identity
Fear requires belief in it to be felt in the body
Take away the belief and a miracle starts to unfold
Ego engages with fear through belief
It wants you to run or take another fear based decision
This magnifies the effect, it may make you temporarily feel safe
Or anaesthetise you
The effects wear off
More fear based decisions follow
They start to define your life and how you live
It makes you feel smaller and smaller inside
So how to transmute fear into love?
It emerges as a felt sense in the body
Mind may be racing

1. Stop:  Be still, you can close your eyes if you like
2. Open your heart to the Infinite Silence the limitless power that you are
Place all of your attention on the pure sense of I AM, your pure being ness
Then know this is seen/felt from the deeper place of Infinite Silence – you are that
Rest your attention here
3. Witness the fear or other emotion present – DO NOT become it
Simply be its silent witness like you are watching a movie of yourself
Without any judgement
Allow it to be fully present no matter how uncomfortable
Continue to be its Silent Witness
4. A miracle unfolds as you witness resting in Infinite Silence
The energy will start to shift, change form – it may bring up other emotions
Allow them to be and watch them also, if tears come let them
Remain simply as the witness
Eventually sadness may emerge (not always)
If it does this is the final stage a letting go energy
Witness that too
On the other side of it is a space
The space of grace and love
It automatically fills and wells up in you from the space created by that which has left you

It is beautiful this process that is really all one step broken down to help you realise YOU – TRUE YOU

It IS explained in depth in the Video Live Stream 11 Transmuting Fear into Love including a Guided Experience of the above summary.

It is very powerful
Because YOU are very powerful
Watch the perfume of love and grace arise in you
YOU have performed a miracle with no effort all
How powerful are you
Infinitely So!

Other complementary resources include the insight:
The Emotional Roller Coaster
Facing and Embracing the Celestial Music
These provide more background as why and how the emotional and energetic baggage arises in the first place and are complementary resources to the above. They also include the video of Live Stream 11: Transmuting Fear into Love for ease of use.

It will really serve you beautifully to fully explore these resources so that you become totally familiar with them. They will help you transform you back into the True YOU!

Transmuting Fear into Love explained in Detail with a Guided Experience 1 hour 20 mins

Fully Guided Infinite Silence Meditation about 33 minutes which is also be very helpful for the process.

Infinite Silence Experience Video in which the process can be applied 30 mins

5 minutes: Trusting and Daring NOT to! A short video explaining the importance in trusting in your highest truth and the process.

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    Thankyou Philip I have just listened to your video & the harp music Bliss Thankyou again Namaste Xxx

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