Trusting and Daring Not to!

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So a conversation unfolded:

Trust in that quiet simple truth, I see, but dare I trust it?

Dare NOT to trust and you will suffer! Simple.

This message emerged from Infinite Silence in a conversation I was having with someone about following their hearts calling, their truth.

The individual concerned I’d worked with before and had seen their heart calling them a particular way and that in it was a huge gift and opportunity. However, ego in its usual cunning and doubting fashion had been coming up with all sorts of if’s and and but’s.

I share this fragment of the conversation because in it is a profoundly important message for all.

Look at how the message from the Silence has turned the tables completely on ego and left it nowhere to go?

Do you see this?

You see most often we talk of trusting as some act of courage, daring and so on, yet in this message the Silence is inviting you to look at this situation differently.

It is saying:

Actually, you have been daring NOT to trust your heart, your truth all along and look you have suffered as a result. It is that simple.

That is why you find yourself in the situation you perceive you are in now because of this monumental dare:

The monumental dare of NOT trusting the higher knowing, calling, truth and divinity of the heart, the soul which is intrinsically connected to the divine source: Infinite Silence. That’s what you have been doing and that IS why you have been suffering!

Do you see that blows all of ego’s noise out of the park. Game, Set and Match to truth!

… and yet you still have the choice go with this awareness or suffer.

Ego says: “It’s too much.”

Heart speaks: “But I know it’s truth!”

The conversation continues:

“Too ego it is TOO MUCH for it fears its demise. Let it go.

Keep sitting with it.

… and YOU know it’s TRUTH because YOU are that TRUTH. This IS how you KNOW. Not because it appears I said it. There is no I here. Only Infinite Silence.”

“It’s hitting so many nerves! But I’m watching it!”

“Good, good, this is a powerful invitation from the Silence – embrace it.”

So, the clear invitation here is to look at the calling of truth, your heart, Infinite Silence in a new way you may not have realised before.

So many of the messages shared about spiritual truth, in self-help media talk about daring to trust, taking the leap of faith, feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Let’s be clear, there are some great pointers to truth in this material but here is a step further, an invitation to a deeper understanding a higher realisation an experiential truth. The highest form of TRUST IS this:

NOT having to TRUST AT ALL!

It is a DIVINE KNOWING, ACCEPTING, EMBRACING and GRATITUDE for the absolute divine essence that YOU TRULY are.

It IS a felt experiencing in this divine body of yours.

Yes, at first, since you have been so programmed to Dare NOT to TRUST this divine truth, it is highly likely fears and doubts and questions will come up.

However, with openness to that higher calling that truth within you can move quickly beyond this commotion from ego by simply witnessing it from the Silence. (The Insight on this page sets it out for you: Transmuting Fear into Love with an experiential video). It is so simple.

In this way, you will begin to realise that is has been so simple all along. That the power was within YOU all along. Indeed that YOU in your absolute essence are the very source of that divine truth and power.

You will be able laugh at what you have been doing:

Daring NOT to TRUST this and suffering.

How could you have got it so fundamentally upside down, the wrong way round for so long?

Have a good laugh at this. Don’t get into judging yourself for it. That is another ego trick to keep you small. Instead be open to that huge aha moment, that eureka moment that has been in waiting all this time.

… and then keep reminding yourself that by daring NOT to trust you will suffer and keep on suffering…

…and that by opening into the highest form of trust the KNOWING that truth awaits. Yes there likely will be untruths to let go of but it will be worth it. Peace. YOUR Peace, YOUR TRUTH awaits.

What are YOU waiting for?

Blessings as Infinite Silence,



Below are a couple of videos on the subject of Trust. The first (about 5 minutes long) is as the title of the Blog. The Second Trusting Your SELF (about 6 minutes) covers some wider aspects of Trust that are equally pertinent.

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