Trusting Your Self

 In Intention, Into The Light, Self-Mastery

This IS a very important video and its message is simple and powerful.

This text has been added to give you another way to deepen its message in you.

Try this simple exercise:

After watching the video and listening carefully. Do this:

Write down what you feel are the 3 – 5 major points that struck you in the video as if you were going to present them to someone else later. Take as long as you need.

Close your eyes, become still engage with Infinite Silence itself to help you remember. Really become crystal clear on those points.

Then summarise all the points you have into one ‘punchline’ that captures the message of the video for you.


Now engage from your heart in the Infinite Silence and with your eyes closed listen to the video again. Let its message sink into you.

Do this exercise several times if need be with a gap of hours or a few days. See how the clarity emerges in you.

As a reward, leave this bit until later. Click on the reveal summary message below. To see what it says!

Reveal Summary

YOU can TRUST YOUR SELF which is Infinite Silence Totally, KNOW and EXPERIENCE THIS as YOUR TRUTH.

‘Hear’ these words as if for the first time! Feel them anew.

If you like, let me know how you get on in the comments section – scroll down below!

In support of the original video about Trust on this page more recently there was a call to produce the one below entitled Trusting and Daring NOT to! It gives you a whole new way to look at TRUST. It’s about 6 minutes long. Enjoy…

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  • Aitor Yraola

    I feel always very well Philip reading your proposals of meditation, the matter is that I AM beyond that…don´t you have Super Infinite ones in your pocket?

    • Philip Wade

      Ha, ha Aitor that is good. Infinite Silence is that which we all are. It’s delight to hear that you feel so centred over to you. Many folk struggle with this.

  • cheryl-louise cook

    Lovely explanation of your experiences – this was taught to me as a child – however, from this video a reminder that we do already have that knowing especially in times of self-doubt through challenging aspects in life.Thank you for this :)))

    • Philip Wade

      That’s beautiful to hear Cheryl and you are truly welcome! I’m called to add that the more in touch we with this truth in ourSELF the more gracefully and peacefully life unfolds 🙂

    • Shirley Caldwell

      Hi Cheryl

      Amazing – and yet perfectly understandable that you post this yesterday and I find your post today – yet we met in a totally different scenario. So glad you are following SOL IS and Philip….all very good! Trusting yourself [I know it shines out from you:-)] is as you know such a vital part of expressing who you/I am….Each one of us remains totally unique and IMHO we need to remember and express that uniqueness to the world…it’s what we are here for… Every encouragement

      • Philip Wade

        Hi Shirley, beautiful that you know Cheryl and wonderful to see you here. Totally agree with you on your words to Cheryl ‘remember and express that uniqueness to the world… it’s what we are here for…” True. Love to all the dogs!

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