Truth is Unbelievable!

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Truth is Unbelievable!

This may sound like a ridiculous statement but it contains profound experiential insight.

You see truth being pointed at here is ultimate truth or divine truth if you like.

That Truth does not require belief.

It is something that is experiential and then even that is transcended into an absolute ISness.

This Truth does not require belief at all and cannot thus be believed in.

This is why all the great spiritual masters say the same thing in essence this:

Don’t believe a word I say for truth is an experience not a belief!

I’ve experienced this in the Infinite Silence. It is embodying and anchoring itself in me. Unfolding perfectly. So the “I” being referred to here is not Philip Wade. It is ALL.

Belief requires you believe in something that have not experienced, something external to you. A wave is not separate from the ocean it is one with it, it emerges from it and remerges as we do from the infinite ocean of love (See: We are children of the Ocean). As Rumi puts it:

You are not a drop in the Ocean, you are the entire Ocean in a drop.

So to aim to believe is asking you to do the impossible! To believe in something outside of you is impossible. So you can see a fundamental flaw in believing!

Belief is, in itself, widely misunderstood. In old english the root of the word belief is two words:

Be Loef with the person as the object.

Loef is the old english word for Love.

So the original meaning for Be Loef in modern terms is: Be Love.


YOU are that. LOVE. That IS your innate essence.

So when I say the Truth is unbelievable.

It IS.


Belief is not necessary!

It is not something one can believe in as we currently use the word. It just IS what is IS.

Infinite. Silent. Still. Truth. YOU.

This is more than just playing with words. It is vital to realising Truth within you.

So you do not need to believe.

Instead experience and transcend into the Truth of you.

When that is allowed within you. There are no more questions. Just truth and its expression in you as absolute JOY. PEACE. LIGHT.

That is Unbelievable. It cannot be believed in.

It is what you ARE. NOW. No belief necessary!

Sometimes when we see or experience something amazing we say:


Even though its happening to us or before our very eyes.

Truth is a bit like that! When we experience it. It’s a wow moment beyond words. Unbelievable. Amazing. Beautiful. Powerful. Infinite.


You’re unbelievably powerful!



I highly recommend you watch this Video blog on Trust now to reinforce what I am sharing.

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