Turning Point

 In Relationship With Yourself, You & The Universe, Your Ascension
H ave you ever looked at a fibre-optic lamp and wondered at its beauty?

I have, and my wife Sue has.

She had the most profound, yet simple, insight.

Imagine yourself as one of the points of light emanating from the fibre-optics. Most of us spend our lives looking out into the world and see ourselves as quite separate from the the other points of light.

Looking this way the world can feel a scary place. We see ourselves as separate from everyone and everything else.

That’s how the world is. Or so it seems.

What if we turned around and looked the other way down the fibre-optic?

We would suddenly realise that there was a single source of light that both we and everything else emanated from! A Sphere Of Light. The ultimate Sphere Of Light that is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional – all that is.

Pause a moment to take this in.

Engage with Spheres Of Light. All the Spheres that we are rolled into one.

We all emanate from that source. That is what the gift of Spheres Of Light is all about. The simple shift of our ‘Intention’ from an external and separate view of the world to an internal and united view of the universe.

What a transformation that single switch is. Powerful, simple, beautiful.

This is the gift of Spheres Of Light.

Make this insight a turning point in your life now.

When we choose to make this simple, yet profound, shift the magic happens.

Do this regularly and it will raise your consciousness and transform your life.

With gratitude to Sue for this profound insight – a wonderful Sphere Of Light herself.


A blog I originally wrote for the Spheres Of Light site: 24/07/2012

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