Two wings, one Angel

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Two wings, one Angel
That’s a beautiful metaphor for SELF REALISATION
One wing is direct spiritual experience and it is very powerful
It provides you with the physical experience of YOUR truth
It is not separate from the other wing but in truth one with it
The ‘other’ wing is understanding
The wings of a bird or an Angel work hand in hand
Or Wing to Wing as ONE
Direct spiritual experience of truth is a beautiful gift
But soon the experience passes
You easily slip back into identification with ego
You seek more experiences
Almost like an addiction
Instead, be open to the understanding that is present in the experiences
Couple it with true Spiritual Inquiry – Satsang
It all boils down to ONE question!
Who AM I?
Every question you have about life in this body
Because the heart/soul have no questions
Only ego does
Ego seeks self preservation
Heart/Soul chooses SELF REALISATION
Ego doubts, judges and identifies with less than the truth of you
It leads to questions
When the question is seen for what it is
A doubt about who you really are
It falls away
You already are that which you seek
A powerful manifestation of the Divine
You have been conditioned to doubt this
You believe and identify with the perceived small you – ego
Drop the belief, the identification goes – E – goes
A space is opened up
Pure experience and understanding emerge
Like the presence of an Angel floating effortlessly in Grace
YOU are that which births the Angel
That births Grace
YOU have begun to see and Experience YOUR SELF
YOU are not the experience but the creator of it, all of it
YOU are the perfect understanding

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  • Birgitta

    You are welcome dear Philip 🙂 <3

  • Birgitta

    Your text touched so much in me. Among other things my immense sense of relief, joy and gratitude yesterday when I even tried to help a baby bird to fly. I also felt great gratitude that I do not “slip back into identification with the ego” afterwards but just allow everything to immerse within me now.

    Deep gratitude Philip <3

    • Philip Wade

      What a joy it is to read and share in this with you Birgitta. Beautiful beyond words! Gratitude for sharing your experience <3

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