Universal Studios Presents: This IS YOUR LIFE

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No this is not a reference to Universal Studios the well known Film Brand. Nor is it a reference to that old show on UK TV with Eamonn Andrews: This is your life where various celebrities lives were celebrated in archive footage, meeting old friends and more.

This was an amusing message from the Infinite Silence that was just calling to be written up as an insight to share with you.

It brought a broad smile. You see that’s what the Universal Studio IS: Life. It’s YOU and yours in infinite possibility.

YOU are at choice. Yes.

Infinite Silence or the absolute, source or whatever you wish to call it ‘creates’ the possibility of experiencing itSELF as itSELF for there is nothing separate from it. How can there be if it’s infinite? That wouldn’t make any sense would it?

Herein rests the choice: “To be or not to be” rather like that ultra famous Shakespeare line and speech. Just to note here there’s no intention to interpret Shakespeare’s meaning in the context of Hamlet. The line and speech is so famous it deserves a mention.

The pointing being offered is to embrace that one IS Life or not!

Ego says you are your body, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attachments, identifications, possessions, relationships and on and on.

Truth says YOU, non-personal, are LIFE. Infinite Silence.

This is the Realisation and the opportunity and choice is to Realise experientially whilst in this body. Yes it IS a choice. You don’t need to believe ‘me’ on this.

You are at choice to go with ego mind or heart. To Realise or not Realise in this form that you have now or in another form.

The realisation is ultimately inevitable for in the end there can only be ONE. A bit like that film Highlander but this one is the true ONENESS. The Silence or Infinite itSELF.

So Universal Studios offers unto itSELF a great gift. To experience itSELF for as the absolute there is no experience. There is no experiencer to experience. There is no time, no space, no being, no form.

For a full and detailed exploration of why this is see the video provided below:

“Beyond Phenomena: From Awakening Experiences to Absolute Self Realisation.” It provides a profoundly important context for all of life and the human experience and why every experience is an invitation to Absolute Self Realisation.

This IS YOUR Life. It appears to be personal until it isn’t. One can experientially Realise the Self in the form and hence why ‘I’ refer to it as Life’s Greatest and simplest gift.

Greatest because what could be greater than the Infinite? Simplest because one IS already it. It is just a matter of Realising it. Embracing it.

This IS YOUR Life. You are here because the Universal Studios has ‘chosen’ this. It has chosen to be you. So it can experience you in all your beauty and to Realise itSELF.

Because of you the Universe is complete.

That is how important you are.

YOU are Life. So are all others. There is no separation. We play the game, “The comedy of errors*” a case of mistaken identity until we don’t. It’s all perfectly OK. (*The Shakespeare play of the same title).

When it is said the Universe has your back. Actually, it would be more accurate to say. YOU, the true non-personal YOU are the Universe. You are just playing a game. A game of universal proportions in concert with all other expressions of itSELF all at once.

It’s easy to get lost in the forgetfulness, the form and its identity and beliefs. Great suffering can be experienced with this overlay of ego. The realisation brings Compelling Compassion for this read the insight here.

It can all be Realised and the suffering dropped just as simply. It’s a choice.

Not just for a special few, a chosen one, but for all.

You may be reflecting right now on that famous Marianne Williamson quote beginning:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”

You can see the full quote and related insight: Shining your Light or being vulnerable here.

The one that is fearful here isn’t you. Though it is your experience. Until it isn’t. Until the highest choice is made. The ultimate Realisation. A choice-less choice in the end to realise your true nature.

My friends. That which you really are is beyond words. The gift you bring to this world is beyond measure. Living this expression is perfection made manifest.

The invitation is to realise it. It has been chosen, it is ‘written’, you are the ONE. What are you waiting for? What will you choose?

Universal Studios Presents: This IS YOUR LIFE.

Blessings in and as Infinite Silence

The video below is about 2.25 hours long and provides detailed insight into the nature of the Realised/Self and the manifestation of experience and how all of it is ONE deep invitation home.

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