Universal Wifi

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The Universal Wifi is always on!
Its signal strength is just that Universal and Infinite
No need to find a hotspot
No need for upgrades
It never needs rebooting
No plan costs or call charges
You already have the greatest smartphone in existence
It is YOU
YOU are the Wifi, the access key and the smartphone at once
YOU are always tuned in
YOU may have simply forgotten this
Be still and know that you are IT
Listen to the Infinite Silence of your heart, your soul
It speaks
At all times, All places to ALL
Its message:
The Whole Truth
and Nothing but the Truth

Universal Wifi Gateway Location

You will eventually realise you are a living meditation. It’s not that people can’t meditate or struggle or so on, it’s that one truly is the living meditation and there is no getting away from it. If you believe that all you are is the body-mind you will suffer and struggle. If you are open to recognising that there is a Silent Witnessing Presence that simply watches neutrally and is unaffected and unmoved by whatever is appearing then this will over time dissolve the pain-body (emotional body). Eventually, it will become Self-evidently clear that you are that presence.

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