Walk with me in Life

 In Relationship With Yourself, Self-Mastery, You & The Universe

Walk with me in life
Sure of foot
Blessed wisdom
Open, loose and natural
Wild and free
The wind may blow
I’ll give you a sail
The rains may fall
I never stall
For I am the power of your inner sun
A source of light
Limitless energy and grace
Always present
Wherever you go
Whatever you do
Just pause and look
To my Silence
My truth
Trust in me never fails
Imparting grace
From beyond the veil
Who am I?
You may ask and see
Your very own divinity
In Silence with you
No separation for us
We are one with this inner sun
End your strife
I AM Life

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  • Christine Behan

    Crying again! This is it, it’s nothing, it’s everything and it feels like the words of Jesus speaking through you to the heart, through the infinite silence. Just Glorious.

  • Julie Burton

    Wonderful words.

    Thank you Phillip.

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