We are children of the Ocean!

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“We are children of the Ocean.”

Like many such messages I’ve received this may sound a bit strange at first.

Indeed the ‘strangeness’ is, for me, one of the sure fire ways of knowing it’s come from a higher place within!

So I knew this was ‘speaking’ something important. I take these messages as signposts or pointers to profound insight and they are always multi-faceted/multi-dimensional.

A literal interpretation would point us to one of the oft stated evolutionary ideas that we all evolved first from the oceans as a birthplace for life on Earth. This may indeed be so and may have impacted greatly on how the human form eventually emerged and have many implications.

As usual, though, I sensed there was a deeper message being pointed at here and indeed I received several quite unrelated reminders from different sources of the message as the day unfolded.

I know from experience and that inner sense of knowing to take notice of both these messages and reminders!

What emerged was the awareness that as well as ocean in the literal sense the ocean being pointed to here was the universal ocean, the absolute, the no-thing from which everything emerges.

Rumi whom I quote elsewhere on this site says this:

“You are not a drop in the Ocean, you are the entire Ocean in a drop.”

We are this. All of us.

This IS the Infinite Silence that is pointed to on this site. It has been and IS experiential for me.

Words are not enough to describe this knowingness, this experience. It emerges in you when you are ready and is remembered. It is profound beyond words. It is central to the remembering of YOUR TRUTH.

This IS YOU. The Ocean that is YOU.

The Infinite Silence that IS YOU.

So this message: “We are children of the Ocean” takes on Infinite hues. It is without limit, as are you.

This expression of you through this body vehicle is ONE with it All. The “…entire Ocean in a drop” as Rumi puts it.

You may have identified with the body but it is not you. See my blog: “A case of mistaken identity” for more insight on this.

So this message is a profound reminder of ultimate truth:

You are birthed from or a child of the Infinite Ocean and you cannot be separate from it for it is ALL ONE expressed in infinite variety.

A wave may be birthed from the Ocean but it is not separate from the Ocean. A wave may express itself in many ways: big, small, rolling, roaring, powerful, caressing and so on yet it always merges back into its oneness from whence it emerged.

So it is with us. We, the children of the Ocean, are the waves expressing ourselves gifted with the totality of the power of the Ocean.

We emerge, and merge in continuous and beautiful cyclical process like breathing in and out. Referred to as ‘The breath of Brahma” in the Hindu tradition.

So remember this powerful metaphor:

“We are children of the Ocean” with all it’s power, majesty, glory, grace and oneness imbued in us all. That is how important YOU are.

Blessings and know that you ARE THIS. Presence.


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  • tomoko Ishigaki

    Thank you dear phillip❤︎
    I am spreding my wings slowly but joyfully❤︎
    I miss who I interacted in woderful aisha site.
    someday i would like to learn what you do !
    I dont know in detail but it sure looks feels fun for me !

    Love tomo

    • Philip Wade

      Wonderful to hear from you Tomo and to hear that your wings are spreading joyfully. The speed is not important! I can imagine you miss the blessed souls at Aisha’s site though I know it was time for that to come to a close for I got the same message and felt it coming for some time. What I share is so simple the mind finds it hard to grasp but the heart and soul know straight away! May be I will get to your part of the world one day or you here! But for now, if you have not done so already, try the guided (you tube videos) experiences for Spheres Of Light & Infinite Silence on this website. May be I will do an online class one day. 🙂 <3

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