What did you do?

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What did you do?
A question frequently asked
When people experience Spheres Of Light – Infinite Silence
Or someone has had a life-changing experience I’ve witnessed
In truth
I did nothing
Nothing at All!
A simple pointer may have been offered
A word of encouragement
Wisdom from the Infinite
Signposting Truth
But ALWAYS simply resting in Infinite Silence
NONE of this is a doing
It’s not really a being either!
It is an ISness
The pointers, the encouragement, the wisdom, the signposting
Are simply facets of Infinite Silence
That we ALL are
It IS here NOW
The eternal resting place
It speaks through me
It speaks through you
It IS me
It IS you
Spoken most effectively when one says nothing at all
One simply has to get out of the way
Rest in the ISness
Miracles unfold

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